10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Smoke Weed

Written by Haleigh Hoff May 5, 2021
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Mother's Day is coming up and it's time for all of us to spoil the wonderful womxn who brought us into this world! Whether your mom is an experienced cannabis queen or just a little cannacurious, we've made sure there is something here for her.

Last Mother's day we put together an extensive cannabis product gift-guide for the mothers in your life, no matter where they are in their cannabis journey. We continue to stand by those recommendations and encourage you to check out that list if you're looking for CBD or THC products.

Today's list is all about the cannabis accessories we think moms all over will enjoy.

Best Cannabis Accessories for Moms Who Smoke Weed

  1. Charcoal and 22k Gold One Hitter by Wandering Bud

Keep it elegant! Made by hand and painted with 22k gold accents, this ceramic chillum is a trendy and glamorous one hitter perfect for Moms. Their petite size makes them a lovely addition to any coffee table tray or in a purse for on-the-go smoking. 

  1. Buy Weed From Women Tote Bag

This tote is perfect for the moms out there who love to show their support for women-at-large. Also great for moms who support sustainability and recycling, no more plastic shopping bags! Buy Weed From Women is a New Jersey-based product and print shop making products to support the cannabis sisterhood.

  1. The Lotus Set by My Bud Vase

For the bong-lovin’ mamas with style. This gorgeous set includes a bong, smoking tray, display and tea light, and a My Bud Life Hemp Wick. Everything mama needs for the perfect smoking sesh, delivered in one beautiful package she won’t mind leaving out on display.

  1. Wellness Tonic with CBD by Foria Wellness

A great gift to help mom relieve some stress and focus on self-care. Foria Wellness Tonicis a  1000mg daily CBD oil supplement available in 3 different flavors. Unwind stress and support daily wellbeing with this USDA organic-certified, broad-spectrum CBD tincture.

  1. The Grinder by Pussyweed

For the moms who love to smoke flower and are proud to be a woman. Grind it up for feminism with this black titanium 4-piece herb grinder. Purchase comes with a free mini stash jar!

  1. Fruit Punch Storage Case by Edie Flower

For the moms who embrace color! A storage case so cute that you won’t want to hide it. Complete with three compartments to store your essentials safe and sound until you’re ready to spark it up.

  1. Miss Grass Sweatsuit

For the moms who love High Fashion. This limited-edition soft cotton sweatsuit by Miss Grass is perfect for the moms who are proud to smoke weed and love comfort! The crewneck sweatshirt comes in a dreamy dark green cropped, boxy fit with a dropped shoulders and wide ribbed cuffs. 

  1. Sleep Terpene Shots by The Happiest Hour

Does your mom have trouble getting enough sleep? If so, there’s no better gift than something that will help her catch more Z’s. We recommend the ‘Sleep’ Terpene Shots by our friends at The Happiest Hour. A THC-free product made specifically with a sedating and relaxing blend of terpenes to help get you into that deep state of sleep. The Happiest Hour also offers shots in Calm, Mend, Wake and Intensify.

  1. 420 Gold Necklace by Blunted Objects

Perfect for Mom’s who love 420! A strong, simple statement that signals your moms love for the plant in style. 

  1. CBD Bath Bombs by Kush Queen

Treat your mom with the gift of relaxation! Kush Queen offers 5 Targeted Essential Oil CBD Bath Bomb Blends intelligently designed for wellness. Buy a large one or get the complete set in the Mini Collection.