Brands We Love for 4/20

Written by Manila Hoang April 8, 2022
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With 4/20 just around the corner, we are eager to celebrate with some new products brought to you by We've got some new and exciting products for you to try, whether you choose to celebrate solo or with a few buds. We wouldn’t want you to drive under the influence or bend over backwards to beat lines, so ordering your favorite weed products from your local dispensary will make your 4/20 celebration seamless and easy. 

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Top Shelf or Nothing

The first product we want to highlight is a strain from Shango called Sherbert x Wedding Cake. This is a hybrid flower that combines Sunset Sherbert and Wedding Cake that leans towards more of an Indica with rich, powerful body effects and an uplifting high. Its flavor profile is sweet and tangy with a rich earthy aroma. 

Georgia Pie is a hybrid cannabis strain that tastes like a juicy peach cobbler. The strain will leave you with an intense body and cerebral high. Experts say that this THC potency is not suited for the weed novice but for the folks who have a higher tolerance for THC. This is recommended for medical cannabis patients who seek relief from chronic pain. If you’re a big hitter, then this strain will be perfect for 4/20. 

Do you prefer a more mellow high? Then KYND has a pre-roll that is perfect to smoke before bed or late afternoon. B-Witched offers a mellow mental buzz combined with a full-body sedation. The strain itself is a hybrid of OGS Wizard’s Potion and Witches Weed. Its flavor profile has hints of grape, forest floor, and grapefruit that’ll enthrall you while easing stress and anxiety. 

Cookies has been noted as one of the most popular brands in cannabis. Almost everyone has heard of Girl Scout Cookies, and if you enjoy that strain, Cookies also has a strain called Pancakes that’s just as yummy. This bud has notes of buttered batter and sweet berries. 

Gummies are a super easy way to feel a buzz and WYLD has some of the best gummies in the market. Yes, we’re suckers for nice packaging but the Huckleberry Gummies by WYLD are actually delicious! Each gummy has 10 mg of THC. It has a hybrid terpene profile that’ll create a sense of cheerfulness and overall well-being. It’s made with real fruit, too! Try these if you want to ease into your high. 

Star-powered Flowers

Famous stoners like Willie Nelson, Cheech, and Chong have cultivated huge followings for being open with their love of weed. Willie Nelson has his own cannabis brand called Willie’s Reserve and it does not disappoint. 

Blue Skies, called after his hit of the same name, comes in a pre-roll pack that contains 5 whole-flower, no-trim, half gram joints that’s easy to share with friends. If you’re having to have a buffet of weed on 4/20, these little joints are perfect as a sampler. These gorgeous, small tin canisters can be easily packed— ideal for the rockstar on the go. 

Cheech and Chong are one of the most iconic stoners we know and love. It’s only right they should have their own cannabis line, no? 

Cheech’s Private Stash has a Hybrid Stacked Deck pre-roll pack containing dense buds that has an impressive color scheme of dark purple leaves and bright orange pistils. Dedicated to bringing the best quality cannabis, these pre-rolls have a sour-piney finish with a mint aftertaste. Pair this with Thin Mint cookies and you’re set!

The other half of the Cheech and Chong duo also has his own brand. Chong’s Choice sources the finest locally-grown cannabis available for each strain. Each pre-roll in the Nice Dreams 5-pack is individually packed for freshness and filled with .75 g of high quality cannabis designed for a smooth, consistent burn. 

Now, THAT's an Edible!

Kiva’s edibles are award-winning and for good reason. Their confections are created with quality and consistency in mind. The Camino Gummies are flavorful and designed to transport you to a specific location. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in a “California State of Mind?” They’ve got gummy flavors ranging from Pineapple Habanero, Blueberry Blitz, to Yuzu Lemon.

THC and CBD drinks have become increasingly popular over the years, and CANN is one of the leading brands that produce the tastiest cannabis drinks in the market. Their Social Tonics are great to share with your chosen blunt rotation. With flavors like Blood Orange and Ginger Lemongrass, it’ll be hard to choose which flavor to try first. 

Vapes are the ultimate portable cannabis product and Old Pal has an array of cartridges to choose from. Wedding Cake is one of their hybrid formulas that give you the balance of both THC and CBD— this is great if you’re not trying to overwhelm yourself with a larger dose of THC than you can handle. No need to search for a lighter with the convenience of a vape!

If you choose to use cannabis as a natural alternative for wellness products, Canna Hemp offers a plethora of tinctures, gummies, and creams to deliver high-quality CBD with fast-acting effects. Made with organic botanical ingredients and free of synthetic chemicals, their Natural CBD Plus Elixirs are made to treat pain and reduce anxiety. They also have an array of disposable vapes to aid with sleep. The Sleep CBD vape is loaded with linalool, terpinolene, and myrcene for enhanced sedative effects. 

We want you to enjoy and celebrate 4/20 the best way we know how! There’s no better way than to order your cannabis products online through If you can order food for your munchies to be delivered straight to your door, then you can order vapes, bud, and edibles too!