420 Mixtapes: Roll Your Own

Written by Haleigh Hoff April 16, 2021

This mix is here to transport you back to simpler times. Made for you to listen to while celebrating the moment by slowing down and enjoying cannabis in its natural form; flower.

If you listened to the latest episode of Weed Like to Talk: The History of 420, you heard the story of where the term '420' originated. As this years High Holiday approaches, it feels right to relish in the history of the term and listen to music that takes us back to the era of 420 inception, the 1970's.

Cannabis was everywhere in the 1970's. Known now as the era of "hippie weed" and social progressivism, many look back fondly to those years as the golden days of cannabis in history. The hippie counterculture brought cannabis to the mainstream, and smoking the plant was often associated with political activism, and rejecting social, economic and mainstream society.

Getting weed in those days was much more difficult and the potency and quality of the plant were never consistent. It's fair to assume that those who grew up in the 70's were smoking the entirety of the plant; stems, seeds, leaves, buds and all.

The 70's is when we begin to see cannabis advocacy groups forming and the interest of cannabis's medicinal properties began to grow. Groups like NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) formed and began leading grass-roots efforts to legalize medical cannabis at the state and local levels.

Today as you listen to this mix, we encourage you to roll one up for the old days. Kick back, elevate, and enjoy the music of the bygone days.


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