5 Ways Cannabis Can Benefit Meditation

Written by Haleigh Hoff February 11, 2021
The Plant

Humanity is currently living through stressful times. The past year has been strife with chaos, emotional unrest, and large amounts of change. Each and every one of us has had to find ways to recharge and mentally unwind to stay sane and healthy during these times.

Living in a global pandemic has made maintaining a healthy mind and body a necessity, and for many, cannabis and meditation have become essential tools for survival.

Meditation can be defined as the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. The popularity of meditation continues to grow as people discover its many health benefits that go far beyond a calm mind.

Some of the benefits of meditation have commonalities with the reasons people turn to cannabis:

  • stress relief
  • anxiety control
  • promotes emotional health
  • enhanced self-awareness
  • increases empathy
  • pain relief

Humanity is becoming more excited about the benefits of meditation and cannabis consumption simultaneously. Cannabis and meditation can come together to deepen your practice or help you get started. So whether you’ve just downloaded the Headspace app, or you are an experienced meditation pro, these will help you understand how cannabis and meditation come together.

a women surrounded by flora meditating


Most cannabis consumers would agree that a couple puffs of the good stuff can help clear your mind and create space for focus and relaxation. We all live in the same busy world filled with to-do lists, a global pandemic and tomorrow’s anxieties. Getting into a meditative state requires you to let go of your thoughts and focus on the space in between. For many of us, zoning into that state can be difficult and that’s where cannabis can help. 


While high, you may find yourself aware of something you don’t usually notice. An unnoticed detail from a memory of the past or clarity around something you are currently experiencing. The stereotype is that people who are high on THC can entertain themselves endlessly by staring at their own hands. However, the truth is that your perception has been altered and you may be able to see your surroundings, your body, or aspects of your life in ways that you would not have ordinarily thought about. 


One of the main reasons people consume cannabis is for the aide in relaxation. Cannabis is a great tool for relaxation of the mind and body, making it an excellent tool for meditation. We suggest exploring products, strains, terpenes and dosages to see what works best for you. Not every cannabis product or strain will immediately aid in relaxation, so it’s best to explore and get comfortable with a routine before using cannabis for meditation. 

Once you’ve found your magic dosage or product, you can achieve a very relaxing high that will enable you to come to a place of stillness and deepen your meditative state. Relaxation also prompts your body to engage in deep, even breathing, which is a fundamental tenet of meditation. 


The high mind craves stimulus, and when that stimulus is not provided externally (by turning on the TV or swiping through your phone, for example) your mind must turn inward for entertainment. This is a positive exercise for your mind, and is completely in line with the purpose of meditation. Turning inward encourages your mind to rummage through memories, experiences and feelings and present them to you for examination and analysis. Allowing you to think deeply and travel inward. 


Gazing, or Trataka, is a popular meditation technique that focuses the mind on one specific object. By fixing the gaze the restless mind comes to a halt and calmness and tranquility ensue. Cannabis can help you take your gazing practice to the next level with a hybrid strain like Glue on Fire by Fleur that stimulates the mind while relaxing the body.