Apothecarry, Bringing Class to Cannabis Accoutrement

Written by Kathryn Weiss February 25, 2019
The Industry

If there’s anything that the cannabis industry isn’t short on, it’s insanely creative innovations that are constantly transforming the industry in ways that we never imagined. Ten years ago, we would have scoffed at the thought of trading in our cold beer for a cannadrink, and the idea of purchasing cannabis tampons to fend off menstrual pain wouldn’t have ever crossed our minds. But the times they are a-changing, and what was considered the norm a decade ago is now either obsolete or just wildly unimpressive. Right in the center of these innovations is Apothecarry, a luxury organization system designed for the cannabis consumer with class. Just like all of our favorite must-have products, it all started with one person and a big idea.

The Beginning of Cannabis Class

Apothecarry was founded in 2015 by Whitney Beatty to fill a gap that was glaringly present throughout the cannabis industry: luxury and style. The company was created to bring the lifestyle of consuming cannabis to a whole new level with high-quality, beautifully crafted organizational systems, accoutrement, and accessories. Their products aim to “completely redefine the smoking experience” in a way that is as functional as it is classy.

Prior to the company’s creation, there was nothing quite like it on the market. Whitney found plenty of reason to change that. “I was having a party, and as a meticulous party planner, I wanted to be able to offer cannabis to my guests in a classy way that fit my idea of design,” Whitney reminisces. “There wasn’t anything out there that filled that need.”

Not long after she realized something was missing, she took a trip to Jamaica to try their legendary version of the plant only to find that their best bud was actually straight out of her home state of California. “It reminded me that I’m lucky to live in the center of cannabis culture for the world,” she said. “Los Angeles is a market leader, and if there’s not a product that I need where I am, maybe it’s time to do something about it.” She took her keen eye for design and combined it with her plethora of entrepreneurial skills to start a luxury cannabis brand from scratch, and thus Apothecarry was born.

Luxury for All

Apothecarry has connected the plant with the consumers who have never really fit into the stereotypical “stoner” persona that the industry has unfortunately been labeled with. “You never really saw someone successful smoking weed, only the story of the stoner mindset,” Whitney went on. “I spoke to cannabis consumers that I knew. These people were like me. They were at my church. They were lawyers and accountants.” In addition to her own experience, she knew there were others looking for the same products she was, even if they didn’t exist yet.

She believed the stigmatization of the plant came hand in hand with the way that it’s consumed. “You wouldn’t shove your medicine in a shoebox or hide your wine collection away in your closet,” Whitney said. That, plus additional factors like children, safety, and the disdain for dry weed, inspired the creation and design of their sleek cases and accessories that bring much-needed style and class to the cannabis industry.

By the People, For the People

Whitney’s company is just one of many great ideas that have surfaced throughout the industry. These kinds of products are bringing a long overdue stroke of luxury that opens doors for other creatives as well as consumers. Innovations like cannabis skin care, state-of-the-art dispensaries, and high-end storage give people a better view of what cannabis culture truly entails. “When you see the same negative images, it gives those outside of the space a reason to avoid it,” Whitney explains. “These products bring cannabis awareness to those who haven’t previously had it, especially people of color who have been taking pain pills for years who have been afraid to involve themselves in the space.”

However, the consumption of the plant isn’t the only part of the cannabis industry reaping the benefits of this expanding creativity. These innovative ideas have created opportunities for many to rewrite how the industry is defined, change the overall idea of who is using cannabis, provide more opportunities for education, and open doors for other creatives who have ideas to bring to the table. “As a black woman who has a company in this industry, I want others to see it’s possible to have a business as a woman of color,” gushed Whitney. “Starting out, I found it so powerful that there were women of color in these conferences offering representation, and it gave me hope that I would be able to do what I had always dreamed of.”

As for what’s next in the industry? After the fast growth we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s hard to even imagine what amazing things will pop up on the scene. Whether it’s more luxe, high-end merchandise following in the glamorous footsteps of Apothecarry or a whole new path altogether, the cannabis landscape is sure to look completely different in another decade. All it takes is one person and one spark of inspiration to bring consumers amazing products we never knew we needed.

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.