The Best Topicals For Aches & Pains

Written by BlackbirdGo March 28, 2018
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Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

There are many reasons our muscles and joints ache. From arthritis to menstrual pain to post-exercise soreness to pain caused by autoimmune disorders, none of us are strangers to body aches. There’s a certain amount of camaraderie I feel knowing that we all have aches and pains, and that we will all inevitably seek a remedy for the nagging discomfort that sometimes comes with having a human body. Lucky for us, there are some new and effective products to have on standby if (and when) the pangs strike again. Below are our current favorite cannabis-infused topicals for aches and pains that won’t get you high but will provide you with localized relief.

Dixie Bath Soak

A topical option that you can soak in! Dixie Bath Soak is the perfect nightcap after a long day to soothe your muscles for a restful night’s sleep — offering a soothing experience and full body relief. Make sure to soak for at least 15 minutes! It is to be noted that while we haven’t experienced any head-high effects with this product, Dixie does have a disclaimer letting customers know some psychoactive effects may be possible for women using this product.

Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze

We were going to make an obscure joke about Batman’s super villain adversary Mr. Freeze, but it wasn’t really working. Joke failures aside, apply this light, airy lotion sparingly for some seriously supersonic focused reprieve. The cooling sensation is no joke and is probably why so many athletes choose this product to alleviate muscle pain. Double bonus: This strictly CBD product is a great option for anyone still nervous about THC.

Apothecanna Relieving Spray

Apothecanna’s minty concoction is the perfect grab and go pain reliever. Its convenient spray application means you can target your pain, spritz and have almost immediate relief without any greasy lotion residue. Plus, it really packs a punch.

Evergreen Organix Avocado Lemongrass Body Cream

This rich body cream feels very luxurious. Not only is it super effective for aches and pains, but it’s great for dry skin too. We’re also very into its aromatherapeutic scent, but if you’re sensitive to smell — this may not be the best option for you.

Canna Hemp CBD Relief Cream

Lightly scented, this certified organic cream absorbs quickly into your skin and is a great option for everyday use. Containing both menthol & capsaicn, Canna Hemp’s CBD Relief Cream is unique for having both cooling and heating effects. This product is a great option for providing relief for joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

And guess what? You can order all of these topicals for aches and pains online through Blackbird for pickup or delivery from a dispensary near you.

Photograph by Brooke DiDonato from series *As Usual. Brooke is a visual storyteller and artist living in New York. We love her work. Follow Brooke on Instagram if you love her work too.*