The CBD Soundscape

Written by Haleigh Hoff April 6, 2021

A Blackbird 420 Mixtape made to coincide with your CBD routine for a relaxing and soothing experience.

You're going to want to cozy up for this one. We recommend drawing a bath with your favorite CBD salts, or put on a soothing CBD face mask wrapped up in your favorite robe while you listen to this mix.

Whether you are new to using CBD or a seasoned pro, set and setting can help elevate the calming experiences of the plant. We thought we'd recommend some mellow activities you could do while listening to this mix and enjoying the healing benefits of your CBD.

1. Go on a sunset stroll

photo via @dereklithium

Spring is here and the sun is staying up a bit longer, which makes it the perfect time for a nice evening walk. Put in your headphones, take a hit of that CBD flower or few drops of your tincture, and zone out.

Be warned, you may find yourself appreciating the scene around you more than you usually might. A calm and enlightened disposition makes a stroll around the same neighborhood feel new and special.

2. Take a Bath

photo via

We all know how good it feels to slip into a body of hot water. Within moments the stresses and the tension of the day ease away. Partner that with CBD and a playlist thats intended to make you feel good, and BOOM, total relaxation achieved.

3. Stretch Your Body

photo via @goodspaceto

Sometimes all we need is a good, deep stretch. Cannabis and music are the perfect partners for some intentional time with your body. Light some candles, lightly dose yourself and watch yourself go a little bit deeper in those toe touches and downward dogs.

4. Get Creative

photo via @leswiftquito

Whatever your preferred creative outlet is, lean into it while listening to this mix. Doodling, painting, knitting, or maybe even organizing your desk drawers. Turn the volume up and let the soothing sounds of Rhye, Sade and India.Arie ease you into a state of openness and inspiration.

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