Blackbird Mixtapes: Sunday

Written by Haleigh Hoff January 18, 2021

This week's mixtape was curated for your smoking pleasure by Emily.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Emily Nelson and I am an Account Executive here at Blackbird.

What is the name of your mixtape?

The name of my mixtape is called Sunday since I think it is perfect for the slow wakeup with coffee and puzzlin' or canoodlin'.

Are you a creative person?

I definitely think of myself as a creative person in a few different aspects. I am a published writer, went to an art school where I discovered my love for charcoal drawing and am pretty fearless with my design style.

What keeps you creative?

What keeps me creative is keeping my life simple, my relationships happy, and my mind clear. I despise clutter or anything that limits my movement (aka my creativity) so I keep that in my awareness when it comes to my space and life choices. 

What keeps you moving?

What keeps me moving is the drive to actualize what lives inside me. I have a drive for freedom and expression that keeps me going everyday.