Can You Eat Shatter?

Written by Kathryn Weiss October 2, 2020
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Cannabis concentrates are more than they appear. While they may seem like an intense and intimidating way to get a good high, there are so many varieties that can fit your expertise level and lifestyle. One thing is for sure: most of them are extremely potent. Honestly, the world of concentrates could have their own series of books, so let’s just narrow the scope for now and focus on one: shatter. This extract is pretty versatile but many weed users don’t even know where to begin with it! How are they used? How can you get the best bang (or...hit) for your buck? Can you eat shatter? Well, lucky for you, we are here to walk you through what weed shatter is and how you can get your hands on it. 

First, What is Shatter? 

Shatter is a type of extract that gets its sweet name from its glass-like appearance (and well, shatter-ability). It contains some of the highest concentrates of THC that packs a serious high. It’s basically all of the pure, active ingredients we love from cannabis boiled down into a hard, thin, brittle sheet. 

While it kind of looks and feels like candy, getting the most out of your weed shatter isn’t as easy as having a taste and waiting for sweet euphoria to take over, but we’ll circle back to that later. However, there are still plenty of ways to use it. 

One of the most common ways, and arguably the easiest, is to smoke it. Experienced extract users use an oil rig. It gives you a pure and high-powered vapor that hits you quick and hard. It takes a bit of experience and practice, but once you get the process down, it’s a real feel-good high. You can also use it in a rolled joint, though you still may not get the most use out of the pure concentrate as you would through other means. Just remember: the closer you get to using the pure concentrate, the more intense it can be, so make sure to ease into it if you’re a beginner. (Take a look at some of our more beginner-friendly products instead.)

But again, it looks like candy, so can you just eat shatter? 

Well, you could. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should. In fact, it’s not advisable to eat raw kief, wax, hash, or shatter. For shatter to be effective, it has to be decarboxylated (or decarbed, for you cooler cannabis industry folks who needed more lingo to casually throw into conversation). Eating shatter without decarbing would just be a pretty big waste of some really potent goods. 

Again, repeat after us: just don’t eat it. You’re better off getting your taste buds around some cannabis edibles or using concentrates in a more sensible way. Believe us – the opportunities there are endless. Here are a few good, flavorful options we’d recommend for you:

  • Wyld Gummies – These sweet little 10-packs of treats are made with real fruit juice, which is what matters most, right? Just kidding. The Wyld Raspberry Gummies are sativa-dominant, making them energizing while helping you keep some focus on matters at hand, whatever those may be. 

  • Evergreen Organix Milk Chocolate BarIf you’re feeling as if you want a little more decadence in your life, this creamy chocolate bar is made with care in small batches by chocolatiers (fancy, we know), ensuring even dosage and pure deliciousness in every morsel. 

  • Rythm OG Story Relax VapeThis sweet little disposable vape pen uses high quality, full-spectrum cannabis oil. It’s free of fillers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and additives. It’s a really smooth way to mellow out. We’ll take ten. 

  • Hood Oil Pie Hoe Cartridge – Add a little flavor into your life (and your vape pen). This cannabis strain has a nice cherry and earthy hash flavor, all thanks to the 60/40 indica dominance it boasts. While still pretty soothing, it’ll help you stay functional through all of life’s little distractions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re ready to ease into shatter or want to get your high a different way, we’ve got what your mind and body needs. Plus, if you’re in the Reno-Sparks area, Silver State Relief has what you need – and, of course, you can get it delivered through Blackbird. You’re welcome.

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