Why Do Cannabis Leaves Look Different than the Weed You Smoke?

Written by Haleigh Hoff November 12, 2020
The Plant

There’s something truly beautiful about the cannabis plant. Its wispy leaves give it a delicate look that is balanced by the almost jewel-like flower that blossoms. While it’s definitely not your grandmother’s rose garden, the cannabis plant gives off a recognizable and comforting aroma that we all know and love. In popular culture, weed is symbolized by its leaf, which can make it a little confusing for cannabis newbies, especially when you leave the dispensary with something that looks completely different. So why does the weed leaf look more different than the weed you smoke? 

Well, simply put, it’s because you’re not smoking the leaf. You’re smoking the flower. The flower is what produces the resin that contains the psychoactive aspects that we know and love so much. When weed is harvested, the leaves are actually removed entirely so that good good is what’s left behind. It’s surprising to know how many weed smokers don’t actually know what a mature, ready-to-harvest weed plant looks like. The flower bud that is used to smoke is actually pretty hard to mistake once you see it. 

Can the cannabis leaves be used for anything? 

We don’t like to be wasteful, and that definitely includes anything with cannabis. While the flower comes with more obvious purposes like medical and recreational uses, it can seem as if the rest of the plant doesn’t really matter all that much. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fanning cannabis leaves are the most underutilized part of the whole plant, which is a shame since it has many uses that can highly contribute to your overall wellness. 

Decarboxylation – Decarb your leftover cannabis leaves to use them for edibles. Fan leaves may only contain trace amounts of cannabinoids, but it’s still nothing to toss out the window. They still offer impressive anti-inflammatory and relief properties for ailments without the heavier effects of the bud. Just like any good plant parent, we love both of them equally.

Cannabis Leaf Tea – Whether steeped on their own or blended with your favorite other types of tea leaves. It might not come with any noticeable levels of psychoactive effects, it can provide a level of calm and health through antioxidants the vegetation provides. 

Compost – It’s an easy way to reuse the rest of the plant and give a little something back. We all know that composting any organic material can give a nice boost of nutrients into the soil. Whether you’re growing your own garden and want to bring it into your soil or donate it to a local composting service, it’s a valuable addition that will also give a little bit back to the earth. 

So yeah, we’d say the leaf is still pretty important in its own way. But let’s get back to the bud. That’s where the most power lies. You can use it for stronger (and tasty) edibles, to create intense extracts like shatter, or to roll into a joint for a good, old fashioned smoke. Here are a few of our picks, from well-known classics to some funkier blends. 

Ilera Legent OG – This flavorful flower is a lovely indica that will take away your aches and pains, both literal and metaphorical ones. If you’re still a little new to the weed life, maybe take this one in baby steps. You can find this at the Apothecarium Dispensary

Bohemian Brothers Starberry – Feel uplifted and calm with this sweet sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s best for when you’re feeling the need for a little creativity boost, which we all could use a little more of sometimes. Get this weed delivered from our friends at Essence Henderson

Desert Grown Farms Lemon Meringue #2 – a phenotype of two fan favorites, it’s got quite a unique and strong flavor. It’s so bright, it’ll make you feel energized and ready to move. It’s ready for you at Rise Carson City

Now you’ve got a few different cannabis flowers to choose from. It’s up to you how you want to use them. And believe us, there are plenty of ways to get the best bang out of your flower, and we’ve got the resources to help you find your favorite way to do it. Plus, Blackbird can even get it delivered right to your home so you can use it safely and responsibly. 

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