Review: Moxie’s Citrus OG Live Resin

Written by BlackbirdGo November 14, 2017
The Product
What: Citrus OG Live Resin
Who: Cannabiotix + Moxie Collaboration

THC: 74. O86%
CBD: O.O3%
β-myrcene: 5.191 mg/g
α-pinene: 2.831 mg/g
β-pinene: 2.326 mg/g

Yet another killer collaboration effort brought to you by concentrate heavyweights Moxie and flower powerhouse Cannabiotix, Citrus OG Live Resin is the perfect choice for both connoisseur and novice dabbers alike! The first whiff out of the jar gives off a light, sweet scent resembling an orange grove with something a little funkier growing between the rows not too far from a pine forest. Basically, the cooler parts of Florida.

The flavor profile follows suit with a strong citric flavor that recalls sipping on orange juice with distinct OG notes and an even more pronounced pine finish. This exceptional selection hits so smooth you might find yourself running out quicker than you’d think! A firm consistency also makes for super easy handling, so you get the perfect amount every time you go to snap off another one.

My favorite attribute of this extract is the distinctly immediate nature of its effects, each hit triggers a euphoric head rush that slowly settles into a warm nest at the base of your skull, leaving you in a space of hazy comfort and self reflection. The high is intensely cerebral, inspiring ones creativity and distracting heavily from anxiety and moderate pain while producing little to no sedation, making it a perfect medicating option for anytime of the day.