Dear Valentine

Written by Kilee Mendiola February 14, 2022

This week's mixtape was curated by Kilee Mendiola.

Here's a personal disclaimer: Valentine's Day is completely optional.

Personally, I view Valentine's Day as another opportunity to express how much you love and appreciate those around you. Receiving kind affections from a friend, family or lover means a lot as we continue the Pandemic: The Saga.

These days, I thoroughly enjoy a good letter writing and calling up old friends and relatives to catch up. Simply telling someone you're thinking of them can mean so much.

My belief is at the core of love is an innate desire to connect and be in communion with people. That's worth celebrating, especially in a time when making new connections is scarce but beautiful. I hope the spirit of Valentine's Day (loving yourself and your special peeps) carries on into your week and beyond.

This Valentine's Day, I share with you all a mixtape that speaks volumes of my love and appreciation for my partner of three years. Two of our years we spent in a pandemic together, which is more like spending 5 years together. Between mental health issues, the overall events of the pandemic and moving states, my partner and I learned that adult relationships are really f*cking hard.

We both work from home, so we quite literally spend every waking minute together. Still, there's no one else I'd rather be stuck in a cave with. They're my truest best friend, partner in crime and they always push me to be a better person for myself. So, here's a mixtape that sums up the mosaical theme of our relationship.

Whether you are a fan of love or, at least, the idea of it, I hope this mixtape can spark something magical for you. If all else fails, just imagine you holding yourself in a Titanic-like scene. 'Cause at the end of the day, you are a living image of love.