Far-out Flower You can Purchase Without Cash

Written by BlackbirdGo March 7, 2022
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The world wide web of weed has an astronomical list of strains. The best of the best, though, fall under the space-themed category. These names harken to the spacey and out-of-this-world experiences weed users feel. From stoney head highs to force-balancing body euphoria, space strains are diverse in their effects. To celebrate the cashless future with AeroPay, we rounded up space-themed weed and weed products you can buy using cashless payments on BlackbirdGo in Nevada.

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Star Pie

You’ll be starry-eyed when you give this hybrid strain a try. Bohemian Brothers’ Star Pie is a specially curated treat for dreamers. Berry-loving potheads will also love Star Pie as it contains a berry, earthy aroma and flavor. Star Pie is great for relaxing your mind and finding balance amongst the stars.

Blue Alien

PAUSE. Here’s a strain the blue queen of space herself Juno Birch would thoroughly enjoy. Blue Alien is an indica-leaning hybrid with a musky, sweet aroma that’s both euphoric and physically calming. 

Las Vegas cultivator Green & Gold are to thank for this product’s sweet aromas and rich terpenes. Blue Alien is best used for relaxed stargazing or a casual Sims gaming day. 

Alien Tarantula

Spiders in space. Not an arachnid fan? We promise no spiders were involved in the making of this product. Alien Tarantula is a well-balanced hybrid that can provide pain-relieving effects. A splash of diesel, a blossoming of flower and a drop of honey are Alien Tarantula’s flavor components. 

What’s more, this Alien Tarantula is packed into Cannavative’s Motivator. The Motivator is a smooth-burning infused pre-roll made with Cannavative’s unique blend of their fresh honeycomb and flowers. The Motivator’s strains change regularly, so grab Alien Tarantula before it runs out.

The White Star

The White Star, AKA Southern Lights, is a surprisingly earthy sativa that is made to uplift the senses. Nevada-based cultivator Redwood Flower is responsible for this particular "White Star" product. 

Redwood Flower produces cosmic amounts of cannabis, including Willie Nelson’s own brand called Willie’s Reserve. This sativa provides the typical sativa-y head buzz for times you need an “Aha!” moment.

Skywalker OG

Son of Mazar and Blueberry OG, Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain made to fight stress and bring balance to your body. Skywalker has an herbal aroma with a touch of jet fuel–reminiscent of the OG Skywalker’s mission to destroy the Death Star. 

To top it off, this Skywalker OG comes as a LIIIL disposable vape by STIIIZY. Take a piece of the force wherever you go thanks to STIIIZY’s sleek and discreet design. Skywalker is noted to be sleep-inducing, so we recommend using this strain to defeat the Sith in your sleep.

Yoda OG

Another Star Wars inspired strain that delivers a heavy dose of sleepytime bliss. A small but mighty flower. Yoda can help users suffering from insomnia, anxiety and even lack of hunger. 

You can find Yoda OG as a Live Resin Cartridge by PANNA Extracts, a Nevada-based purveyor of premium concentrates. Beginners should be wary of Yoda, as this strain packs a hidden punch.

Space Queen

Are you a big fan of cerebral head highs? Meet Space Queen, the hybrid princess of spacey head highs. Space Queen is sweet, fruity and great for any socials as she can leave users feeling uplifted and giggly. She brings essences of apples, vanilla and cherries to the tastebuds. 

Space Queen hails from Aether Gardens, its ethereal cultivator named after “a classical element believed to fill the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere.” Grab your own Space Queen and other godly products from Aether Gardens.

Han Solo x Big Drip Badder

If the infamous Han Solo were made up of terpenes, which ones would he be? Alternative Medicine Association’s (AMA) Han Solo x Big Drop Badder might be a spot on guess. Han Solo’s savory, funky and spicy terpene profile boosts the strains ability to calm anxiety and insomnia (perhaps from dodging all those TIE fighters and Kylo for years). AMA combines two sleep-inducing strains, Han Solo and Big Drip, in their delectable budder.

Space Cadet 

Space Cadet, also known as Mandarin Cookies, is a sativa-dominant hybrid great for the regular pothead needing a motivational boost. This spacey strain starts off with an earthy flavor, then tastes of citrus and diesel launch you into a different head space.

Cannavative delivers again with the Space Cadet Motivator Minis Pack. Three Space Cadet pre-rolls are infused with Cannavative’s honeycomb. We recommend this potent package for more experienced space cadets.

Tahoe Alien

A solid mix between Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush, Tahoe Alien abducts pain, stress and insomnia from the source. Regular cannabis conneiseurs should have no problem with Tahoe Alien’s high potency. Though, beginners should start small with the strain as it can be out-of-this-world. Tahoe Alien’s fragrance is earthy and piney with a hint of lemon for good measure.

The Tahoe Alien pre-roll is crafted by Desert Grown Farms (DGF). DGF is one of Las Vegas’s major producers of high-quality, unforgettable and pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

These products and more are available on BlackbirdGo for cashless pick-up and delivery where available. Not signed up for AeroPay, yet? It’s easy! Just fill your cart, sign in to your banking app, and you’re ready to go!