Gifts for the Canna-curious Mom

Written by Manila Hoang May 5, 2022
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Moms deserve all the flowers! For this Mother’s Day, why not gift your mama with your favorite flowers? You don’t usually see these types of buds in a bouquet, but we think all moms could catch a break from taking care of everything to wind down with some cannabis. 

Maybe your mom is new to weed and wants to expand her horizons of self-care. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that. 

Here’s a quick list of cannabis gift ideas for your mom available now on

Take a Walk on the Wyld Side

Wyld has assorted flavors and dosages of THC infused gummies if your mama is looking to try something new. Not to be confused with the standard gummy candy, these gummies are meant to promote relaxation and a nice buzz. Because a little bit goes a long way, it’ll be easier for newbies to gauge how high they want to be—one bite at a time. With flavors like Marionberry, Peach and Raspberry,  we’re sure mom wouldn’t hesitate to take a nibble. They also have THC-free gummies! 

Divine Confections by Kiva

Instead of the assorted mystery flavor chocolate boxes, how about giving mom some Kiva chocolates? They’re infused with 100mg of THC per package and look as decadent as the candies from specialty candy shops. How chic! One of our favorites is the Churro Milk Chocolate that has a hint of cinnamon dusted with sugar for a little crunch. Each small piece is 5mg of THC. 

Fight Pain with Papa & Barkley

If you’re looking to help mom with physical ailments, try Papa and Barkley’s CBD products. They have an array of topicals and Releaf capsules to help mom ease pain or discomfort. Because it’s purely CBD, it won’t get your mom high but it will definitely help her feel better. 

Barker Wellness to Nurture Body and Mind

Another great gift idea are products from Barker Wellness. They’ve got tinctures, pain relief balms to cannabinoid-infused bath bombs. Self-care is taken to the next level with this brand. The Daily Set includes three tinctures that promote sleep, mood maintenance, and physical pain. Created by well-known drummer Travis Barker, this line is vegan, cruelty-free, and all-natural. 

Sippable, THC Teas by Kikoko

Kikoko has amazing alternatives for moms who don’t necessarily want to take an edible. Perhaps drinking something like tea would be a great way to introduce her if she’s new to cannabis. Kikoko has a set of different teas aimed to help with various things like enhancing Tranquili-tea, Positivi-tea and Creativi-tea. You catch our drift. 

There are so many ways we can show love to mom. Gifting her with the best quality cannabis products is one of the best ways we know how. With all the benefits of cannabis derived ingredients, there’s something for every mom at any consumption level. 

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