‘Green’ Drinks for St. Paddy’s

Written by Manila Hoang March 14, 2022
The Product

With St. Paddy’s Day around the corner, we often see alcohol flying off the shelves since getting shwasted is typically how we’d celebrate. But what if you choose not to drink alcohol? Or what if you simply can’t? Cannabis drinks can be a non-alcoholic alternative if you don’t want to feel left out while everyone else gets plastered. The plus side is not having to deal with the dreaded hangover the following day. 

The way we consume cannabis is ever-changing, and modern pioneers have been concocting ways to add CBD and THC to beverages. Though it is illegal in the U.S. and Canada to combine both alcohol and cannabis into a drink, bartenders-turned-budtenders are exploring the world that cannabis has to offer. 

Cannabis products, especially CBD, have created a lot of buzz in the media and it’s becoming popular to slap “CBD” onto any product in hopes that it will boost sales. As we’ve learned, not all CBD is created the same. Once we’ve filtered out the illegitimate items, understanding the way the cannabidiol works with our bodies will help us determine which vehicle to choose for our consumption. 

Depending on the way cannabis is consumed, it will yield different results. The main concern with cocktails is how the effects will vary since it’s being consumed as a drink as opposed to a sublingual ingestion. 

Tinctures are among the many popular products that can be added to our drinks. However, CBD oils have a greater effect when used sublingually, or dropped under the tongue. Our bodies can absorb CBD and THC through mucous membranes, and it won’t be filtered out like it would if it were to pass our digestive system. Food or water that has been enhanced with cannabis oil will be mostly metabolized through the liver alone. This means that the cannabinoids will be broken down before the body gets a chance to feel high. 

We generally see CBD and THC tinctures that are sold at our local dispensaries, but oftentimes, the flavors and the texture of the oil itself doesn’t combine well with our drink of choice. Because CBD oil is hydrophobic, meaning its molecules repel water, cocktail specialists have found it especially difficult to mix with other liquids. 

In order to resolve this problem, scientists have created a way to isolate the cannabidiols to effectively give consumers the benefits of CBD— relaxation and anxiety reduction, all in one sip.

Independent labs that work with current cannabis beverage companies have figured out a way to combine CBD and THC with a type of emulsifier to allow it to bond with liquids, called “nanoemulsion.” Adding an emulsifier binds the water and oil molecules in order for it to suspend freely in a liquid product without separating. This technique was modeled after processes commonly found in culinary and pharmaceutical industries. Thus creating what we have come to be familiar with as the cannabis cocktail. 

Another technique used to infuse drinks is through powder. With the right timing and temperature, CBD isolate powder can dissolve in a liquid without compromising the relaxation effect. Because CBD isolate is not the same as a full-spectrum CBD, it will not result in a psychoactive high.

Despite the challenges faced with infused liquids, the cannabis landscape has a great opportunity with cocktails. The Chicago Tribune reports that cannabis drinks could become a $600 million market by this year according to a projection in 2018 by Canaccord Genuity. Not only that, CBD drinks have become sparkling, as in bubbly beverages. If you’re a LaCroix drinker as I am, there’s something for you too.

Infused-Drinks for the High Minded

Pabst Blue Ribbon Labs, Higher Lemon Beverage

Now that we have an idea of how it’s made, let’s get into what’s available out there for the infused-drink connoisseur. 

Among one of the more commonly known alcohol brands, Pabst Blue Ribbon now has its own THC drink called High Seltzer. Each 12 ounce can has 5 mg or 10 mg of THC and it comes in flavors like lemon, strawberry kiwi, mango blood orange and passion fruit pineapple. 

Cann Social Tonic has made its way to being one of the top-rated and talked about cannabis drinks. Their drinks range from 2 to 6 mg of CBD and/or THC in each can. They even have liquid packets that you can take on the go so you can add it to your beverage of choice. In collaboration with Korean streetwear brand Sundae School, Cann has a special edition Yuzu Elderflower flavor, too. 

A brand called Recess has a line of sparkling drinks that are so aesthetically pleasing, it might even be too pretty to drink. But don’t let the nice packaging deter you from enjoying bubbly water infused with broad-spectrum hemp and adaptogens such as L-theanine, American ginseng, and lemon balm.

If you’re looking for a stronger buzz, look no further than Canna Punch. Each 8 ounce can contains 100 mg of THC. Although this amount of THC seems like a lot compared to the drinks aforementioned, each serving of this beverage is equal to four capfuls. With flavors like Watermelon Nectar and Grand Daddy Grape, it would be hard to resist a sip.

Don’t miss out while your friends catch a buzz on the 17th. Get yourself prepared for St. Paddy’s shenanigans, order cannabis drinks online and get them delivered straight to your door with BlackbidGo.com