Hellbent Presents: The Hanged Man and The Empress

Written by BlackbirdGo January 7, 2019
The People

For a lot of us, the beginning of a new calendar year can bring feelings of old cycles ending and new journeys paving their ways right before us. Cycles of change can also be difficult, as it is always uncomfortable to shed old skin whether we are ready or not.

As we enter 2019, huge energies are being brought before us and manifesting within every fiber of our beings. In numerology, this year is a “12” and “3” year (all numbers of the year are added together, then added again for a single digit). Both 12 and 3 are pivotal points, as 12 is a completion number, and 3 is masterful blending of intuition, knowledge, and powerful creation. In the tarot, 12 is represented by The Hanged Man, while 3 is The Empress. Together, these two archetypes will challenge us to be present in our physical bodies and caretake ourselves. With the presence of The Hanged Man, we might feel like we are in massive discomfort. However, we must remember that this discomfort will not kill us; rather, it allows us to fully take in what this contraction is telling us, helping us prepare for transformation. While we are asked to stay present in the discomfort, it allows us to see what is making us uncomfortable in the first place. What is being brought to our attention regarding that which doesn’t allow for our highest growth soulfully or worldly? Is there something that has been scratching at us to be seen and heard? Deeply feeling that scratching and allowing it to be there lets us see how and what we need to shed. In this process, it’ll be important to check in with ourselves and our wants and needs, as this will aid in this rest period. The Empress is often seen as our Earth Mother and as a giver. However, this archetype really shows us how to receive. How do we want to be touched? How do we want to be talked to and given to whether by ourselves or others? How do we fill up our own cups so we can disperse our chalices of beautiful love and energy to the world around us?

This year is ruled by Venus (The Empress) and Neptune (The Hanged Man). Venus will provide us with nurturing heart-first energy. Because this planet is the ruler of pleasure, we will be able to hone in on what makes us happy and brings us pleasure. Neptune will provide us with deep watery energy. This planet is the ruler of dreams and illusions as well as that which isn’t seen but deeply felt. The blending of these two energies will be intense, but remember to take care of and check in with the body, mind, and soul along the process of loosening from our being. Stay present in the pain of intuitive reception to that loosening and don’t steer away from it. The Hanged Man reminds us always that discomfort, though it may not feel good, will not kill us. On the other hand, The Empress allows us to take care of our vessel while it goes through massive shadow periods and transformation and ask ourselves, “What do we need to serve us in this moment?”

Important astrological transits January 2019

  • 1.1 Mars enters the sign of Aries. As Mars is Aries ruling planet, this transit brings lots of spontaneous energy and motivation to the new year. We feel called to resolve any conflict or situation quickly and directly. Beware that Mars in Aries also have a tendency to be arrogant, impulsive, and self-centered. Be sure when using this energy that you take time to think your plans through.
  • 1.2 Mercury trines Uranus
  • 1.4 Sun conjuncts Pluto
  • 1.5 Mercury squares Mars
  • 1.5 New moon in Capricorn/partial solar eclipse
  • 1.5 Mercury enters Capricorn. This transit brings the energy of full focus, logic, and organization. During this time, we are able to create and make plans with a clear mind. It is easy for us to see what is relevant and essential and plan for its growth with complete honesty. Although we will be very self-assured, we must remember to be open and not let the rigidness that Mercury and Capricorn can bring sneak into our mentality while trying to work towards our future goals.
  • 1.7. Uranus stations direct
  • 1.8 Mercury conjuncts Saturn
  • 1.8 Venus enters Sagittarius. With Venus moving into Sagittarius from Scorpio, we shift from intense love energy to a more cheerful and optimistic love energy. We are able to focus this love energy in a positive and uplifting manner. We no longer have the complexities that Scorpio brings to Venus and are able to navigate through our feelings in a more straightforward way. We put an emphasis on love that is honest, transparent, and easy to share with others.
  • 1.9 Saturn sextiles Neptune
  • 1.11 Venus trines Mars
  • 1.14 Venus conjuncts Jupiter
  • 1.15 Mercury conjuncts Pluto
  • 1.16 Sun squares Uranus
  • 1.16 Mars squares Saturn
  • 1.16 Saturn conjuncts Pluto. This transit brings a lot of hard energy that calls us to be strong and hard working. We are forced to focus on a singular aspect of our life that has outgrown its usefulness and is holding us back. Whatever is broken we must work on fixing it. We must accept this energy and go with its flow. This is a time for well-considered change. You may experience loss, difficulties, and disappointment as you learn what you have to let go of. This change may come slowly, but, in the future, it will be the foundation of positive growth.
  • 1.19 Venus squares Neptune
  • 1.20 Full moon in Leo (Cancer Moon)/total lunar eclipse. During the moon’s time in Leo, we let go of our pride and are an open book. We are feeling all the feels and are enjoying the vulnerability. During this time, we seek attention and want to be validated. It is a good time to put energy towards our relationships and being creative.
  • 1.20 Mars trines Jupiter
  • 1.21 Sun enters Aquarius. During the sun’s time in Aquarius, we experience a motivation towards knowledge, experience, and self-fulfillment. We try to find new ways to experience life that sets us apart from others. We yearn for originality and freedom. We become restless with the limitations we have created in order to protect ourselves. During this time, it is more important to take the plunge. We feel more secure in taking risk then in holding back from experiences.
  • 1.22 Mercury squares Uranus
  • 1.24 Sun conjuncts Mercury
  • 1.24 Mercury enters Aquarius
  • 1.29 Mars squares Pluto

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