Hellbent Presents: Self Love Spell & February Astrology

Written by BlackbirdGo February 6, 2019
The People

February can be a beautiful time to celebrate the people we care about. However, most of us forget to show ourselves how much we care about us. Whether you’re in a relationship (platonic or romantic), single, or just don’t date, a self-love spell is the perfect way to give back to yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Self-Love Spell

What You’ll Need:

  • Small pink spell candle
  • Rose quartz
  • Petals from one fresh red rose
  • Jasmine, rose, or any scent that makes you feel sensuous
  • Sea salt

Seat yourself in a place that is comfortable and familiar to you. Grab your sea salt and sprinkle a light amount around you in a circle. Light your pink candle. Anoint your wrists, neck, and heart center with the scent of your choosing. Place the red rose petals around you in a circle, imagining them creating a powerful shield of protection and vibrant warmth around you. Hold your rose quartz in your hand and allow the vibration of this stone to fill you up, starting from your feet and slowly making its way out of the top of your head. Imagine this vibration to be what you feel is right for you. I find that a ball of warm fire helps me. While it travels through your body, what does this light feel like? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? Does it crackle? Does it sparkle and dance? Allow yourself to become entirely engulfed in the magick happening inside of you. Allow that loving vibration that you’ve created for yourself to stay in any places that need healing or love. After you’ve worked through to the top of your head, allow your candle to entirely burn down. If you don’t have the time to let it burn out, snuff it out and don’t blow it out. Take the remainder of your candle or any wax left over and place it in your pillow so the moon can help charge your spell while you sleep.

Important February Astrological Transits 2019

  • 2.1 Mars conjunct Uranus
  • 2.2 Jupiter square Neptune ends
  • 2.4 New Moon in Aquarius
  • 2.4 Venus enters Capricorn: This is the time to make connections and grind! We have a strong connection to our creative side and are able to tap into parts of our creative flow that have been dormant. Our ability to connect to others and create a productive connection with business partners and coworkers is currently highlighted. The connections we make during this time will be reliable and carry into the future of our goals.
  • 2.11 Venus conjunct Saturn
  • 2.11 Mercury enters Pisces: The energy of creativeness continues to flow with Mercury in Pisces. We are easily able continue to create with this energy. Obstacles fall away as we continue to peruse our goals. We are also especially in tune with our emotions during this time. It is important to feel out what we are putting out in the world. Honing in on what our emotional state is during this time will help the growth of our goals.
  • 2.15 Mercury conjuncts Neptune
  • 2.15 Mars enters Taurus: This overly determined and stubborn transit will certainly help us in continuing our goals. Although Mars highlights the hardworking and determined side of Taurus, we do seem to feel a bit of a slowing down with the energy we are putting towards our goals. Unlike the energy we were feeling at the beginning of the month with Mars in Aries, we must force the effort a lot more. Still, this slow yet determined energy will aid us in our goals.
  • 2.16 Venus conjuncts Pluto
  • 2.19 Full Moon in Virgo: In usual Virgo energy, this is a time to micromanage and look at the small pieces that make up the whole picture. We should take this time to break up the aspects of our lives and where we are emotionally. It is important to break down the aspect of our conscious and subconscious. Seeing the smaller picture lets us acknowledge, heal, and move forward confidently. Virgo is great with taking control of these aspects and making moves towards a healthier future.
  • 2.19 Sun enters Pisces; With the sun moving into water sign Pisces, we begin to feel some emotional turmoil. We feel pulled toward indulging in our emotions. The energy of Pisces is dreamy and empathetic. It can create delusion, self-pity, and victimization. We must be careful to steer away from these aspects and try to channel the positivity of devotion, selfless acts, and wisdom that Pisces also brings. Chanel that Virgo in Full Moon to help you with breaking down these emotions and gain the ability to align them correctly towards productiveness.
  • 2.21 Mercury squares Jupiter
  • 2.27 Sun conjuncts Neptune
  • 2.27 Venus squares Uranus

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.