How to Roll a Joint

Written by Haleigh Hoff April 3, 2020
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Take this time in isolation to learn something new, like how to roll a joint! Learning something new, even if it’s a new way to do something you already do, is a good way to exercise your brain and elevate your mood! It's also important that you don't share smoking devices at this time, so rolling a joint for yourself is a necessary skill. You can order flower and papers through some of our retail partners and roll up your favorite bud. Follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to roll a joint like a pro in minutes!

What you'll need: Flower of your choice, a cannabis grinder, rolling papers, a paper crutch, and a light.

What product we recommend: Old Pal Pre-Ground Rolling Packs. These portable packs have everything you need to elevate any adventure. Each bag includes 14 grams of classic pre-ground cannabis, hemp rolling papers, and crutches - and it's all packed into a handy resealable pouch. Comes in hybrid, indica or sativa.