How to Introduce Your Family to Cannabis

Written by Manila Hoang June 4, 2022
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Introducing family members to cannabis can sometimes be a little overwhelming for us and them. If you’re reading this, you may be the stoner of the family. More than likely, if anyone had questions about weed, you’d probably be the one to have an answer. If your relatives start tinkering with the idea of trying weed, here are a couple steps to take to ensure that they are comfortable with this new world of cannabis. 

  1. Education

With our older relatives, some may hold antiquated beliefs when it comes to consumption and legality. They may think that all types of cannabis may get you “high”, but that’s obviously not the case. Some may also have the impression that “medical marijuana” is just a euphemism to allow stoners to get high. 

It’s our job to help our older relatives acknowledge the medical properties. We must also note that cannabis is not a cure-all, but is an alternative or addition to regular medication. 

The more well-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD. In a previous post, we talked about types of cannabinoids and how to make sure which product has high quality ingredients and which don’t. 

It’s a good idea to talk about what your relatives want to use cannabis for. Do they need it to help relieve physical pain? Perhaps to reduce anxiety or promote a deeper sleep? It’s also important that your relatives speak to their primary doctor to make sure if any existing medications would not react adversely to certain cannabis ingredients. 

Consider exploring the legality of cannabis as well. Not all 50 states have legalized cannabis consumption so it may be a little more challenging to obtain the products that your relatives would want to try.

  1. Be familiar with downsides

Like most other medications, cannabis will have side effects.Though the side effects of consuming cannabis are a lot less likely to be severe, it’s important to note that over-consumption will probably create an uncomfortable situation. The usual side effects will cause dizziness, confusion, tingly body sensations, and dry mouth. 

One thing to consider when starting out with edibles is that eating a gummy or using a tincture on an empty stomach may cause some abdominal discomfort. If your relative chooses vape or hash oil as a form of relief, then they need to be aware that some hash oil may contain harsh chemicals or pesticides. 

  1. Start with low doses

When it comes to canna-curious relatives, the higher ratio of CBD will alleviate pain or promote stress relief and will have little to no psychoactive effects. Of course, smoking weed might be the first thought, but with the array of products available, smoking isn’t the only vehicle for consumption. We would prefer not to have our great auntie taking a bong rip for her first time, sending her into another dimension.

Edibles or topicals are a great way to gauge doses. It’s crucial to look at the ratio of CBD to THC. You would want to start out with a higher ratio of CBD like 18:1, for example. We don’t want to start our relatives too strong as it may deter them from trying other forms of cannabis. There are gummies and topicals available that have no traces of THC. 

CBD comes in a bath soak form as well! In addition to topicals to relieve body pain, bath soaks can be integrated to help with muscle and joint discomfort. Tinctures can also be non-psychoactive. Dropped under the tongue, tinctures are best delivered sublingually for faster and proper absorption.

  1. Set realistic expectations

As we mentioned earlier, cannabis is not a magical cure-all for every ailment. Cannabis, like any other pharmaceutical drug, is meant to work for some conditions but not all. Depending on the product, the dose, and the application, relief may not be guaranteed. Cannabis is continuously being researched for its benefits, but we cannot expect it to cure cancer for the time being. 

Once we’ve gone through the stages of talking to our older relatives about the basics of weed, we can start introducing them to products for the canna-curious. 

WYLD is a brand best-known for their delectable fruit-flavored gummies. They have a range of CBD to THC ratios, so it’s perfect for the weed novice. Their Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC gummies are made with a hybrid terpene blend and enhanced with cannabis-derived CBD oil. This edible is great for relaxing the body while keeping the mind sharp. 

If your relatives prefer to sip their cannabis, Kikoko has an inventory of cannabis-infused teas. Kikoko Iis a women-owned company that was inspired by a friend who had battled cancer. With clinical research, their teas are designed with specific herbs and terpene combinations for the mind and body. These teas can be purchased individually or in packs of ten. They’ve even got a sampler pack of all four flavors in case you’re not sure which tea is for you. 

For targeting specific bodily pain, Dr. Solomon’s RSO collection aims to give patients a concentrated dose of cannabinoids and terpenes to alleviate discomfort. RSO can be applied directly onto the skin, it can be absorbed sublingually, or can be mixed with food and drink for easier dosing. Because this product is so potent, only a rice grain-sized amount should do the trick. 

CBD capsules are probably one of the easiest ways to jump start your relatives’ weed journey. Cannavative has packs of capsules that have all the benefits of cannabis in one pill. They have sativa, indica, and CBD pills to provide a wide range of medicinal benefits. Their CBD capsules are ideal for both daytime and nighttime usage. It’s simple and effective— perfect for the weed novice.

Although we can rave about how great cannabis can be, our older relatives may take a longer time to understand why some of us choose to self-medicate with cannabis. Furthermore, we must be patient in explaining how to go about their healing journey while also making the experience enjoyable for them as well. We don’t like to gatekeep weed all to ourselves. If we can find ways to add pleasure and comfort to our lives, we should be able to share that with everyone— even grandpa. 

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