HUXTON: A Cannabis & Lifestyle Brand for the Best Time Possible

Written by Haleigh Hoff August 25, 2020
The Industry

Don’t know how to roll your own joints? Or you do roll your own joints but they end up looking like a soggy french fry or a crooked straw? No problem. HUXTON is here to deliver the perfectly packed cannabis pre-roll, ready for any occasion. 

HUXTON is an Arizona-based lifestyle cannabis brand known for their curated, consistent, multi-strain blended flower. Their focus is on having a good time and having the perfect cannabis preroll for that perfect time. Dedicated to the craft of bringing happiness and enhanced cannabis experiences, Huxton provides a product for everyone. HUXTON has created three distinct vibes; RISE, HIFI, and ZEN so you can choose the one that best suits the experience you’re looking for. Each vibe consists of hand-selected varieties of cannabis genetics that unite full terpene, cannabinoid, and trichrome profiles to provide consumers with an experience that is consistently enjoyable. HIFI combines genetics to create an energetic and euphoric experience; RISE genetics restore vitality, productivity, and focus; and ZEN induces an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

HUXTON's approach aims at educating consumers on how cannabis and its various terpenes and cannabinoids make you feel over the traditional categorizations of indica, sativa, or hybrid.

HUXTON is currently the only cannabis pre-rolls on the market with proprietary blends available in Nevada. They are also available in Washington and Arizona. They are coming out with new packages in the fall that will feature an ashtray. That way when you buy a pack of HUXTON pre-rolls online, they come with the weed, the matches, and the ashtray. All you need are the friends and the itinerary for the perfect vibe.

These pre-roll packs come packaged in a way that makes them ready to go for any occasion. Each pack comes with 7 half-gram blended pre-rolls and a custom matchbook, tucked into a sleek tin can that can fit in your pocket or purse with ease. You can find HUXTON products in over 30 dispensaries across Nevada. If you’re in Reno, you can pick up some HUXTON’s when you order weed online at Silver State Relief or either of the RISE locations. If you’re in Las Vegas, you can pick up some HUXTON when you order weed online at Oasis Cannabis.

We recently sat down with Matt from HUXTON on our Instagram to learn more about the brand and what they’ve been up to since coming to Nevada.

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