Win-Win: Increasing CBD’s Relevance in an Adult Use Market

Written by BlackbirdGo November 28, 2017
The Industry

The medicinal properties of CBD are numerous and well documented. From reducing the number of seizures in children with epilepsy, or reducing anxiety in adults with PTSD, this compound has been hailed in recent years for its expansive range of therapeutic effects. CBD's efficacy, lack of severe side effects and reputation as a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant has allowed it to flourish, even in states that are still hostile towards whole plant medical programs (including Texas and Alabama).

What some may not know is that this compound can play an important role in recreational marijuana use as well. CBD is not only non-psychoactive, but also it tempers THC’s psychoactivity, making it an excellent antidote for excess THC consumption. CBD is also a great tool for the novice toker or those looking to test their limits with edible cannabis products without the fear of overwhelming effects. Having a fast acting CBD product handy such as a tincture or vape pen, is an insurance policy against some of the more unpleasant side effects THC can cause such as anxiety, paranoia and disorientation. Numerous emerging studies suggest CBD has strong neuroprotective properties, and it is an indispensable compound for any cannabis user, regardless of their frequency or reason for consumption.

There has historically been much more demand for high THC cannabis as opposed to cannabis with high CBD values. Only in the last decade has CBD become a highly prized cannabinoid for growers. Growing majority CBD crops presents cultivators with a financial burden; because the rates of THC and CBD are inversely proportional, and there is a greater demand for high THC values.

Without affordable options at our dispensaries, patients can be left with unregulated products sold online and at smoke shops. These products lack legitimate lab testing and the informed sales staff dispensaries offer to help educate them about proper use. This is not an option. We must do more to expand the public perception beyond the currently popular but false dichotomy of CBD as strictly medicinal and THC as strictly recreational. The fact remains that both cannabinoids work most efficiently when used together. By widening the cannabinoid’s appeal and making it more relevant to recreational marijuana users, who make up the majority of cannabis purchases in the state, we can decrease its price for the medical patients who truly need it.

So whether you’re a budtender talking to a new buyer or a vendor planning pop-up events to promote your products, please get involved with reshaping the prevailing perception regarding cannabis use. It's time to shift away from misinformed paradigms and toward a more scientific understanding of whole plant cannabis therapy.