Infused Pre-Rolls: Scary Good or Just Scary?

Written by Pierce Baker November 2, 2021
The Product

A pre-roll is perfect for situations on the move. Today, companies ensure pre-rolls are filled with premium bud as millennials and Gen Z consumers alike grow an affinity for pre-packaged weed. And adding weed with more concentrate makes for a fantastic social event. If you’re looking for more value within your weed budget, consider the infused pre-roll. 

A man takes a hit of a cannabis joint against a backdrop of trees, Nov. 16, 2020. (Elsa Olofsson/CBD Oracle)
A man takes a hit of a cannabis joint against a backdrop of trees, Nov. 16, 2020. (Elsa Olofsson/CBD Oracle)

Regular vs Infused Pre-Rolls

So you understand the basic premise of a pre-roll. But what are infused pre-rolls? And are they safe to smoke in social outings? 

Infused pre-rolls are simply pre-made, rolled weed joints with hash added to it. Generally, hash is the umbrella term for the different varieties of cannabis concentrates. The difference between regular doubies and infused pre-rolls lie in the potency of the product. These joints are perfect for experienced cannabis users looking for a fatter hit while on the go.

What are Cannabis Concentrates? 

Concentrates are products created from the most desirable part of the cannabis plant. Meaning, infused pre-rolls contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis flowers and none of the excess plant material. The aroma and effects you receive are found in small shiny mushroom-shaped structures called trichomes. Concentrates are merely condensed versions of these trichomes. This results in a more intensive and potentially more invigorating high to smokers. 

What are they made with?

Picture of loose cannabis trichomes in a grinder's kief catcher
Loose cannabis trichomes, A.K.A kief, can be easily collected with a grinder that has a kief catcher. Add kief to any bowl or joint for a stronger high.


Hash traditionally looks like different shades of brown or dark yellowy green and its concentrates appear as gooey bricks. It’s easy to determine if your pre-roll is coated in hash simply by its color.


Kief can be found in your grinder and is a light powdery ‘dust’ sprinkled outside your joint. Pre-rolls can be rolled in kief for a more exhilarating high. 


Cannabis oil is derived from the buds of the plant and is used to coat the extra concentrate around the joint.

For more detailed information regarding cannabis concentrates, click here.

Types of Infused Pre-Rolls

Kief Pre-Rolls: Kief dusted pre-rolls are both equally aesthetic and delicious. After the pre-roll is packed, the joint is lightly brushed with oil and kief particles stick to the exterior of the joint. 

Oil Injected: Perhaps the most efficient method, oil injected pre-rolls are made exactly how they sound. Machines with long needles inject hash oil into pre-rolls for a precise amount of THC.

Wax Infused: Don’t be deterred by its name. Wax is concentrated in THC and provides an extra delicious kick to a joint. It comes in many forms depending on its moisture content and texture but usually appears as a yellow gooey substance.

Infused pre-rolls are game changers, but which one is right for you? Sesh's Lemon Dosido Infused Pre-roll is made with wax, concentrated THC, for a delicious taste when smoked.

Local dispensaries usually offer infused pre-rolls over the counter if you’re on a time crunch. However, why not order from the comfort of your own home? offers different brands each with their own menu depending on your preference.

Brands and products: 

Kynd Joe-OG: Indica dominant, terpene-infused and made with top-shelf cannabis, this pre-roll is perfect for those looking to relax.

Rove Gorilla Dosha: This pre-roll is mixed with a perfect blend of terpenes and cannabinoids to create a fresh and fruity taste with a hint of pine. If you love hybrids, this pre-roll is an excellent option.

Fumeur Rocket 2X: This pre-roll is filled with weed fit for its adventurous name. Rockets are packed with extra ultra-premium distillate oil and crumble (0.35 grams of flower and 0.15 grams of concentrate) and then hand-made to perfection. These pre-rolls test at 35 percent and above of THC.

Sublime King Fuzzies CBD: Sublime, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company, designs King Fuzzies with premium flower reserved for royalty consumers. These pre-rolls are infused with wax and coated in kief for a potent high. 

Creme Genetics Day Creme: Coated in terpene infused distillate and kief, this joint is sure to give you a great buzz with its creamy flavor for a smooth hit.

If you’re looking to roll your own joint, we offer countless concentrates to choose from to create your own infused masterpiece. Simply visit the brands section of our website to sift through our various options that fits your cup of tea.