Interview: Matthew Evertsen, CoFounder of the Vegas Cannabis Summit

Written by BlackbirdGo February 8, 2018
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Blackbird is proud to be a sponsor of the Media & Journalism panel at the second annual Vegas Cannabis Summit next week, February 14th and 15th. Not only are we a sponsor, but our CEO, Tim Conder, will also be participating as a panelist on the Innovation & Technology panel. All in all, we're very stoked about the event and in anticipation of the festivities, we sat down with Vegas Cannabis Summit's Co-Founder, Matthew Evertson, to learn more. Read the full interview below — then cop your tix to the event. It's gonna be a fun one.

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What inspired you to create the Vegas Cannabis Summit?

MATTHEW: The Vegas Cannabis Summit was created in support of leading industry professionals operating in the national marketplace. We understand the cultural gravitas of the subject and present leaders from this exciting new frontier for an open dialogue on how to best advocate collectively towards shifting perceptions towards health and wellness as cannabis brands transition into the mainstream, while fighting to end prohibition once and for all.

Tell us a little about you and your role with the Vegas Cannabis Summit.

MATTHEW: I'm a passionate and vocal supporter of the movement and Co-Founder of the conference.

Do you have any partners with VCS to help you execute the event? If yes, who are they and what are their roles?

MATTHEW: Yes, Brian Saliba, Rodel Delfin and Nick Moore. We are equal partners and producers of the event.

What was 2017's inaugural event like? High points (pun intended)? Low points?

MATTHEW: Our July conference was a great success both for our participants and our attendees. We were excited to host panelists from across the country, further solidifying the camaraderie of our national community. We were delighted to see even the summer heat of 100+ degree weather didn't keep the people from joining us!

How has the Vegas Cannabis Summit evolved over the past year with legal adult use cannabis taking effect last July?

MATTHEW: We began in July, the same month as recreation took effect, so we've been adapting and growing much like the the local community as regulations roll out.

What are you most excited for at next week's conference?

MATTHEW: We are most excited to welcome back these courageous industry leaders, in sharing this opportunity together to effectively get out the right information to the public, our only way to combat 80+ years of deliberate misinformation and prohibition.

Is there anything specific you want attendees to takeaway from Vegas Cannabis Summit 2018?

MATTHEW: Legal cannabis will revolutionize America's agriculture, criminal justice, economic, healthcare and political landscapes forever and is here to stay.

What are you currently smoking?

MATTHEW: The best.

Blunts or bong rips?

MATTHEW: Depends on the occassion.

Come check out BlackbirdGo Feb 14th and 15th at the Vegas Cannabis Summit in Downtown Las Vegas.

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