Introducing: Blackbird x HelloMD — Bringing The Marijuana To You

Written by BlackbirdGo May 22, 2018
The Industry

We've been working pretty diligently behind the scenes on our biggest partnership to date and are so pleased to finally announce the big news. Anyone (who may legally purchase cannabis) can now order online through HelloMD in San Francisco, and Blackbird will bring the #marijuanatoyou! Pretty frickin' cool, right? And guess what else... we're launching Oakland tomorrow with more California locations to follow.

What is HelloMD?

HelloMD is the largest, most active medical cannabis community online today. Through their platform, patients can obtain their medical marijuana recommendation so they can participate in their state's legal medical marijuana programs. Not only can you consult live with doctor's through their telehealth services, but HelloMD also provides a wealth of information as it relates to cannabis and your health on their Community platform.

Basically, they're awesome. And we couldn't be more excited to continue our mission of making cannabis accessible by bringing the #marijuanatoyou in the Golden State.

What is the HelloMD store?

Customers who live in one of HelloMD's delivery service areas (see below for more info) can now order products at These products will be delivered safely to your door within two hours by a Blackbird driver.

What do they sell?

HelloMD sells a thoughtfully curated selection of products from some of the leading cannabis brands in California—roughly 20 brands in total, with upwards of 200 different products to choose from. They've chosen to work with these brands to offer a select number of product options, because HelloMD believes they’re the best fit for health and wellness-minded customers.

That said, this is just the beginning. HelloMD will continue to add products over time based on the feedback received from the cannabis community.

What’s the purchase process like?

The purchase process is easy and intuitive. Simply add the products you want to your shopping cart, check out, and follow the instructions provided to complete your order. The products will then be delivered to your home or office within two hours by a Blackbird driver carefully vetted by our team.

Why do I have to pay with cash?

Under current banking regulations, our federal government has made it illegal to purchase cannabis products using a credit card—despite the fact that adult-use cannabis is legal in the state of California. Although some retailers allow for credit card transactions, they run the risk of having their bank accounts shut down if this activity is discovered by that bank. So, for the time being, purchases will require cash on delivery.

Is it safe to make a purchase?

Your safety and delivery experience are very important to us. As such, our delivery drivers are carefully selected, managed and vetted by our team And they’re equipped with company-owned cars.

Why should I shop at HelloMD?

You should shop with HelloMD, because they have:

  • Blackbird delivery drivers who will bring you your order within two hours
  • A great selection of products from leading brands
  • Everyday, low prices
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer service ready to assist you

What are the delivery areas HelloMD sells to currently?

We’re in San Francisco currently, and Oakland will be launching tomorrow. We have plans to rapidly expand our service throughout California in 2018. Stay tuned for future announcements as we work to expand the areas we deliver to in partnership with HelloMD.