Leaves Are Falling

Written by BlackbirdGo October 11, 2021

The changing of the season can signal change in many ways. There's the beautiful change of scenery where the trees shed their leaves for the year. The weather is turning colder. Students are back in school. The pumpkin spice die-hards are ruling once again. Feelings may change, too, hence why you may know this season to be "sad girl fall".

Whether you're sad, happy, so-so, or whatever you feel, we invite you to relish the autumn and shed your inner leaves with a fall-inspired playlist by our Social Media Specialist Kilee Mendiola. It takes a sad girl to know one *wink wink*. She even added songs from Twilight: New Moon for good measure. We recommend finding a cozy spot in your home or underneath a shady tree and watch the day go by while listening to this playlist.