Lit Spring Activities in Reno-Tahoe

Written by Manila Hoang April 29, 2022
The Product

Spring has sprung which means we can finally bring our smoke sessions to the great outdoors. If you happen to live in the Reno-Tahoe area, then you’re in luck. There are stoner-friendly events and activities that you can participate in this spring. We’ll also highlight some Nevada-based cannabis brands to try before, during or after your excursions.

High Desert Hot Springs

The high desert brings us natural wonders like the mountains, lakes and even hot springs. The hot springs resorts in northern Nevada are all easy-access and perfect for unwinding. Although you cannot smoke at these facilities, toke ahead of time and then you can soak. Some popular hot spring resorts include David Walley’s Hot Springs, Steamboat Hot Springs, and Carson City Hot Springs and Sierra Hot Springs.

Get Lost

Take a hike on the many trails in northern Nevada. The hikes with the best views are probably going to land you at Lake Tahoe. Pack a pre-roll or a vape and you’re set! Don’t let the views take all your breath away. You’re going to need it for a celebratory smoke at the top of the mountain. You can challenge yourself with one of the many more rigorous trails but if you fancy a smooth, paved walk, then the Tahoe East Shore Trail may be your ideal choice.

Take Me to the River

The Reno River Festival from May 7 and May 8 is happening downtown Reno at Wingfield Park. This celebration features live music, art, food, and shopping along with a craft beer and hard seltzer experience. There’s something for everyone who attends. If you’re looking to be in the sun, enjoy delicious food and catch a buzz, this is an amazing way to do it. 

Hit the Road

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then the Virginia City Grand Prix might be your event of choice. Happening from April 30 to May 1, attendees will see nearly a thousand off-road bikes gathered to competitively race through Virginia City’s rough terrain. A sativa strain would suit the mood for an occasion like this. 

A First for Everything

Midtown Reno First Thursday starts on May 5. This event is held every first Thursday of the month, so if you can’t catch it in May, you can still go the following month. This event features local retailers, bars, restaurants, and live music for all to enjoy. Supporting local businesses has been part of Reno’s culture and this event is a wonderful way to experience what Midtown Reno has to offer. Taking an edible before attending will help you ease into the mood to shop and satisfy munchies.

The Recs You've All Been Waiting For

Now that we’ve given you a list of exciting things to do this spring. What better way to celebrate than to try some products from brands that are home-grown? 

First off, we have The Real McCoy Farms based in Minden, Nevada. Their mission is to produce the highest quality cannabis with the ability to help people on a large scale. They are family owned and operated, and they grow all their plants indoors with a hydroponic system. Their featured strain is called Tropsanto, a hybrid that’s a cross of GMO with Tropicana Cookies. Its flavor profile is pungent with garlic, cookie dough, spicy cinnamon, and sweet fruit. 

Next we have Reina, a luxury, Latinx and woman-owned cannabis brand from Las Vegas. What makes it luxury? This brand appeals to all five senses— the look, smell, taste, and experience that comes with smoking their product meticulously curated. It’s exclusive in terms of availability and distribution. In their stance, they don’t want to infiltrate every shelf of each dispensary. Instead, they prefer to sell small batches to select vendors. 

They’ve got high levels in expertise when it comes to growing and branding. And the best part is that this company is run by a woman of color. Priscila Vilchis, CEO of Reina, hopes to break barriers for female minorities in the cannabis industry and she’s the youngest female minority to receive cannabis licensing in Nevada.

Another popular Nevada cannabis brand is Remedy. Grown and hand-trimmed in Nevada, Remedy aims to help consumers heal with high-quality cannabis. This brand has received two High Times Cannabis Cup awards for their strains BioJesus and Deadhead OG. Remedy also carries vapes, concentrates, and pre-rolls.

Tahoe Hydro has had a stronghold in Nevada for its delicately cultivated weed strains. Based in Carson City, it is owned and operated by two families who’ve had generations of knowledge and expertise of cannabis. Their products are made with the finest raw ingredients and purified water with limited production. Each harvest undergoes more than 550 quality check inspections. With much innovation and passion for developing strains, Tahoe Hydro has won 6 Jack Herer Cup Awards. 

Sol Cannabis identifies itself as the brand that solely uses natural light to grow their cannabis. Although hydroponic systems continue to gain popularity, Sol swears by their sun-grown weed. Their dispensary is located in Reno and features their own products along with other brands’. All Sol products are grown, extracted, and produced on site! 

Lastly, Cannavative is a Reno-based brand that focuses on high-quality, locally grown cannabis. This brand is best known for their Motivator, Private Reserve Flower, and Resin8 products. Cannavative was also a silver medalist in the 2020 Las Vegas Cannabis Awards. 

With these spring events coming soon, there’s no better way to celebrate than having some home-grown weed hand-picked to perfection. Your best portable options to catch a buzz are most likely vapes, pre-rolls, and edibles. If you love to support local as much as we do, all of these brands are ready to order from