Finding Menstrual Relief: Cannabis To The Rescue

Written by BlackbirdGo October 17, 2018
The Product

It’s no secret that many people experience a monthly cycle of mood swings, cravings, cramping, and many other annoying, yet very real, symptoms. One moment you’re jumping and dancing like you’re in a tampon commercial, and the next you’re curled up on your bed trying to find solace in a pint of double fudge ice cream and a heating pad. Say hello to the never-welcome visitor, premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Luckily, the cannabis industry has come to the rescue once again. Cannabis has been increasingly recognized for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties in addition to its calming nature. All of this sounds like a dream come true for those suffering from PMS, and it has even been shown to help with other related issues. Because of the misunderstood nature of the vagina and hormones, the majority of patients experiencing PMS symptoms, extreme vaginal discomfort, ovarian cysts, severe depression (PMDD), and endometriosis are under-treated and/or misdiagnosed. Each person experiences this time of the month differently, but there is reason to believe they can turn to cannabis to help.

Elise is a 24-year-old marketing professional, and during her time of the month, she’s prone to severe migraines and abdominal cramps. “I found prescription painkillers, such as Advil, do not work very well, so I found I was taking large amounts which made me uncomfortable,” she said. As an avid cannabis user, she realized that her symptoms went away when she smoked and wondered what other products could aide in her relief.

She isn’t the only one who’s had experiences like this. While there are still shockingly few studies regarding the effects cannabis has on these issues, there are countless anecdotal accounts from people who have found both relief from pain and more stable moods when using it. Doctors have started to regularly recommend cannabis use to their patients who haven’t found a remedy.

The healing properties of cannabis have definitely caught the attention of those ready to help others find relief. Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth have created a line of cannabis products to specifically combat menstrual pain. Quim Rock creates products for “humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas” that aid in both sexual pleasure and vaginal pain relief. There are several companies that offer “weed tampons” and even cannabis-infused chocolate—talk about two birds with one stone.

While many are turned off by the psychoactive effects of cannabis, those who are looking for relief without them can turn to CBD-specific products. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, also contains anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing properties, just without the high. After Elise’s success from smoking, she began experimenting with a CBD lotion to soothe her cramps, and she experienced immediate comfort. Ever since, she’s utilized both THC and CBD products to fully relax. “It helps ease pain and helps me fall to sleep, especially since my cramp pain would keep me awake.”

Despite its apparent effects on those suffering from menstrual pain and vaginal issues, doctors are unable to officially prescribe cannabis to these patients (because apparently having a vagina isn’t a “qualifying condition,” but that’s another story for another time). The forced lack of scientific research has led the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to reject its effectiveness, making cannabis virtually impossible to obtain for those with these ailments.

Abby, who smokes weed only when she experiences her symptoms, uses it to find comfort from ovarian cysts and painful periods. “I feel like cannabis is still not fully accepted in the medical realm,” she said. “I think pharmaceutical companies would lose a lot of money if cannabis was fully backed by doctors.” In fact, it is estimated that the pharmaceutical industry would lose more than $4 billion a year if cannabis was legalized throughout the country. This has led many pharmaceutical companies to back politicians who regularly vote against legalization of the plant.

However, there’s still hope for those who get that monthly wave of pain, emotions, and discomfort. CBD is quickly becoming more widely accepted than cannabis, and the number of scientific studies on the plant’s effects are increasing. While there’s still the uphill battle against politics and Big Pharma, truth will ring, and we will be able to find relief...with or without the pint of double fudge ice cream.