Mixtape XVII: Astral Travel – Exploring Depth

Written by BlackbirdGo February 20, 2018

This week's mixtape was curated by nice-guy Scaught Bates: skateboarder, shredder, supplementarian — if you need a curb grinded, a riff licked, or digestive issues holistically remedied, this is your man. Scaught says his mix is "kinda cheesy and weedy," but he likes it. So do we. Check out our interview and melt into the abyss of the mesmerizing tunes below.

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Photo: Dane Hanman

What’s the theme of your mixtape, and why did you choose it?

I didn’t have a theme in mind from the get-go. I was just selecting songs that kind of reminded me of my own personal experiences with cannabis except for a couple exceptions. From there I noticed that there was a sort of common song title theme of space, exploring, and dying. I thought back to a couple of out of body experiences I had had in the past and decided to tie it in to this playlist theme. Kinda trippy.

What were you doing when you curated it?

I was just hanging out at home after having an intense day at work. Was just using this playlist as an outlet to unplug from the day and relate a bunch of random selections together. I enjoy Spotify, but was having trouble finding tunes I wanted to play together. Had more than a few songs I wanted to use that weren’t on the platform.

What would you say is the ideal environment for listening to it?

Staring out the window of a scenic train ride. Being in a space where you are not in a hurry to be anywhere. Or just being in Space.

Give me a 1-2 sentence blurb on your top 5 on this mix.

1. Take Me Somewhere Nice. Bought this on a whim when it came out in Europe and listened to it as soon as I got home. Felt so good.

2. Samba Pa Ti. Such a good long epic. Also, the first time Santana actually recorded something that he truly felt connected to.

3. Floating Boy Demo. Fugazi’s Instrument is such a pleasurable watch and listen - you can see it on Youtube.

4. We All Gotta Die. Love Crystal Antlers - an honest sentiment set to a good tone.

5. Bury the Hammer. Tried to get into The Beat Happening a long time ago and didn’t dig it. I’ve now been listening to them a lot this past couple weeks. Funny how those things go.

What’s your favorite palindrome?

This guy I know, Dugan, invented the gnarliest palindrome sentence, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head and he’s not texting me back yet. So, I’m gonna have to say: “Yo, banana boy.”

Who is "Naked Larry?"

What does Naked Larry got to do with this?! Haha. That was a past moniker I used during my short stint in commercial alternative radio. I did not pick the name, but ended up with it. The running joke with the name is that I always DJ’d naked and talked about being naked. Yep, couldn’t keep that silly charade going for too long.