Mixtape: Coffee is My Weed

Written by BlackbirdGo February 7, 2018

We asked one of our favorite Blackbird moms to curate this week's mixtape. She grew up in the 60s when smoking weed was still a countercultural act and revolution weighed heavy in the air. These days "Mom" doesn't partake in the smoking of cannabis, but she does use CBD salve for her arthritis. Check out our interview and her groovy, coffee mix below.

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What's the name of your mixtape and why'd you choose it?

MOM: “Coffee is My Weed.” I chose it precisely for that reason.

Do you want to share your first weed smoking experience with us?

MOM: Of course...trying to remember the first time...It’s been more than half a century. Probably in the Village, where I used to go from Philly when my mother thought I was studying at a friend's house. We stayed at the Village Plaza hotel. 8 bucks a night, and it was a crazy place just off Washington Square.

Weed is pretty "mainstream" now -- what was the vibe around getting high at that time?

MOM: Well, it was very much a counterculture thing...like long hair and political activism – so it was very communal but at the same time dangerous because illegal. And seriously illegal – people did serious jail time even just for possession.

Did the artists on your mixtape smoke weed?

MOM: No question about Bobby D. In fact, I'm wondering if he was actually referring to something stronger than "One More Cup of COFFEE for the Road”...The Band, Cream, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper, White Stripes, Carly Simon, Bill Haley--you know they must've smoked like chimneys! I would imagine the same for Frank Sinatra, and, oh, Bob Marley – hell, he invented weed!

You play the guitar and harmonica, and a bit of that drum -- were any of these artists particularly inspiring for you as a teenager in the 60s?

MOM: Bob Dylan first and foremost. One of the first songs I taught myself was "The Times They Are A Changin’”... it still applies perfectly to the political climate of today. I loved Cream too...amazing musicians ..their songs were too complex for me to play, but I loved listening to them in the sixties, so I imagine there was plenty of weed-smoking involved.

Have you seen any of these artists live?

MOM: Yes – big turning point in my life was seeing Dylan when I was 14 on his first big concert tour...he was 19 and it was a smallish venue and it was just life-altering to listen to his music. I still remember where I sat and what it felt like when he walked out on stage.

You don’t smoke weed anymore, but do you currently have anything you're treating with cannabis?

MOM: I have arthritis in my thumbs that keeps me from playing much guitar or lifting weights. I am using a CBD salve for my hands...also I have a couple of friends who like the veterinary products, though I think it's wrong for them to smoke them.

So your only two vices currently are CBD salve and coffee?

MOM: I didn't say that!