Mixtape: Women of the 50s & 60s

Written by BlackbirdGo November 29, 2017

This week's mixtape features a slew strong female voices to smoke to and was curated by Rosie Zuckerman. We chatted with Rosie about her mixtape below. But first, we recommend pairing this mixtape with an energizing sativa like Nepalese Kush. This sativa strain is indigenous to Nepal (hence the name) and tends to have a hashy aroma. Smoke this sativa for an uplifting and creative listen to Rosie's selections. Enjoy!

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What’s the theme of your mixtape? Why did you choose it?

I chose female artists from the fifties and sixties. I guess I chose them because it’s a weird time right now to be a woman, and I feel like if those women could do it -- then it’s gonna be okay. Especially because I feel like women making it in any way during that time is impressive. That Billie Holiday song was originally recorded in the thirties, and that’s just crazy to me.

What were you doing when you curated this mixtape?

I was sitting on the couch while everybody was waiting for me to finish so we could watch Stranger Things.

At what point in your life did you discover these artists?

A lot of these songs are pretty big hits. So I know them from the oldies radio stations as a kid like anyone else. I know that song Strange Fruit from a class I took in high school, and Marilyn Monroe... well I feel like I’ve recently become pretty attached to her. She was such a good actress and comedian, but everyone was just like: You’re hot. That’s all you can be.

Do you think any of these artists smoked weed?

Oh, I’m sure.

What bands do you play in?

Currently I play in a band called Shit Metaphor and Okay Urge.

What instruments do you play?


Are you inspired by any of the drummers on your mixtape?

No, I can’t play drums like that. I play uneducated drums (laughs). I didn’t mean it in a cool way. I mean it in like a “I don’t know what I’m doing way.”

What else are you listening to right now?

I listen to a wide variety of types of music all the time. It kinda depends on what mood I’m in and sometimes will have to listen to the same thing for a long time. Mostly just the news -- you know?