Mixtape: A Little Bit of Melancholy

Written by BlackbirdGo November 20, 2017

Today's Monday Mixtape of smoking songs offers a selection of low-key, melancholy tracks inspired by grey, almost-winter days and associated seasonal affective mood swings. Sometimes it just feels good to smoke weed and listen to sad songs, you know?

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We kick-off with low-fi king, Daniel Johnston, whose tragic romanticism — fueled by the struggles of a lifetime with manic-depression — are central to his songwriting genius. The simplicity of Johnston’s lyrics on ‘Some Things Last a Long Time’ set the stage for listeners to superimpose his intimate struggles on their own.

Next up: an 80's synthesized interlude from Com Truise and the unabashed vulnerability of R&B maven, H.E.R. The mysterious H.E.R. belts, "I don’t wanna keep playin’ them games, cause I feel like I’m losin--" a youthful sentiment we’ve all identified with at one point or another. Other notable tracks include Perfume Genius’ brutal, piano driven story of a friend lost to suicide in ‘Mr. Peterson’ and sad-girl-fan-favorite Angel Olsen’s ‘Windows’.

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