Mixtape XLIV: Molokhia

Written by BlackbirdGo January 28, 2019

This week's mixtape was curated for your smoking pleasure by Jamal.

Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Jamal. I'm Blackbird's Marketing Manager holding it down in the Biggest Little City.

What is the name of your mixtape?

My mixtape is called Molokhia. Molokhia is Arabic for jute leaves or burlap, the main ingredient in one of my favorite dishes by the same name. It's considered a weed by many, it's my second-favorite leafy green.

What was the inspiration in making your mixtape?

I wanted to showcase Arabic music, but the culture around Arabic music is kind of strange. There's kind of a formula that Arabic pop music has followed for the last 20 years and many of the artists and songs sound the same. This mix has a few of those for reference, but I tried to focus on more modern-sounding music. There's a really interesting artistic movement happening right now being led by both people who live in the Middle East and people like myself, the diaspora being raised outside of the Middle East. It marries the two cultures in a way I would have never had imagined growing up listening to Arabic pop music.

Are you a creative person?

It took me a long time to accept the title of "creative", because I didn't feel like I had the typical skillset of a creative person but I've realized creativity has a lot to do with an approach to life, rather than being a gifted painter or craftsman.

What keeps you creative?

My friends and family. They make me think and keep me on my toes.

What keeps you moving?

Honestly, good music. I am a dancing fool.

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.