Mixtape XVIII x KWNK: Terp-X-Files

Written by BlackbirdGo February 27, 2018

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

This KWNK mixtape by Donovan Williams aka DJ Atey Ate brings you a wide range of sounds that’ll take your high through a rollercoaster of vibes. Heavy hip hop with some stoner classics — the perfect get high and turn up mixtape for your Monday. Read our chat with Donovan + listen to his mixtape below.

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Do you remember the first time you smoked weed?

DONOVAN: Yeah, um, I was at this girl that I liked's house in the backyard. She had like half a bowl. I went first. When I hit it I immediately started laughing and blew the rest of the bowl out. So basically, I was the only one that got high.

Was she mad?

DONOVAN: More like slightly annoyed, but it's the kind of shit that happens to me all the time. It comes with the territory I guess?

What territory?

DONOVAN: The territory of: I just get in weird/crazy/funny situations all the time. I mean, of course the first time I smoke weed I blow the rest of the bowl out.

You're a drummer and a creative - do you feel that cannabis helps to elevate those experiences for you as an artist?

DONOVAN: Absolutely. I think that smoking marijuana had a lot to do with the way I listen to music - the way I hear music. It heightens your senses. It's a catalyst to just be able to hear things in a way that maybe you wouldn't if you weren't high.

Who are your favorite artists on your mixtape?

DONOVAN: Dame Funk. He's one of my favorite producers. He kind of has a throwback West Coast Funk sound. G Funk, West Coast sound is some of the best smoking music in my opinion. And there's a lot of Juicy J on my mixtape too... featured/production. I'd say that Hypnotized Minds and Juicy J is one of my biggest musical influences.

Tell us a little bit about your radio show on KWNK.

DONOVAN: I basically just try to come up with a different theme that connects songs together in ways that are non-traditional. So versus things like '70s Rock' or '90s RnB', I try to find themes that could connect songs from both of those genres. And the reason I called it 'Colloquial Sounds' is I really like slang and folk talk, the way everyday people speak. I think it reflects their inner person.

Give us an example of one of your themes.

DONOVAN: There's a beat on a song called 'Moments in Love' by Art of Noise, and the song has been sampled by just about everyone. It's on a lot of unofficial hip hop mixtapes, and it has this kind-of quiet ubiquity. I researched all the ways this song has been sampled, and it was all across the board. There was this song from Sacramento rapper, King Royal Dm in 1989 where he rapped over the 'Moment in Love' beat about his girlfriend being addicted to crack. It's crazy all the weird corners of the world looking up a song will take you.

Any parting words?

DONOVAN: Tune into 97.7 KWNK + become a member for five bux a month!