Mixtape XXIII: Riot Grrrl Mix

Written by BlackbirdGo August 28, 2018

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

This week's Mixtape is brought to you by one of our own flock. Reno Gamer Girl Eka Bajwa put together this week's Mixtape for your smoking pleasure.

Please, introduce yourself

Hello, I’m Eka. I’m a Nevada native. I currently work full-time at Blackbird. And I enjoy video games, good food, and dismantling the racist patriarchy, oh and dabs.

What’s the title and inspiration of your mixtape?

Riot Grrrl Mix. The inspiration for this mixtape came from nostalgia really. When I first started smoking weed, I almost exclusively listened to riot grrrl bands or girl bands in general. So this is a throwback to being 15 and being high. Also, I want to note, a lot of the bands I wanted aren't on Spotify, so I couldn't make exactly what I wanted but this is pretty good.

What is riot grrrl music?

Riot Grrrl was a feminist underground punk rock movement in the 90s that was mostly fronted by women. It brought up political agenda, sexuality, domestic abuse, rape, and patriarchy at a time no one else in the punk scene was. Now it has transformed into something bigger than that. I find that it can sometimes be a little outdated. I find old riot grrrl music can be a little transphobic, and what I think of now, like there’s plenty of awesome punk bands that are fronted by trans folks that are totally awesome and if you don’t think their feminist, well you’re not a feminist.

Is there still a riot grrrl culture?

Yes, but it has definitely transformed into new wave feminism. I think the difference is everyone is more aware now. Aware of the injustices in the world, the injustices that women and non-binary folks have to deal with. The music itself is there but it’s different. I feel like there's more awareness so the message is getting across better. I also think there are more men involved these days. It’s definitely more queer and more brown than it was before.

** Do you think Weed influenced the musicians on this playlist?**

I don’t know if their music is influenced by weed, but I bet a lot of them smoke weed. There’s definitely some bands that are weed-inspired and write songs about weed, but for me, I associate the two (Riot Grrrl and weed) because when I was younger I was told not to use any substances whatsoever, so I associate it with like taking control of my life, it was like empowering listening to this music for the first time anyway and I felt like smoking weed was associated with that. It was empowering to make my own decisions and listen to my own music.

Tell me about the first time you smoked

The first time I actually got high or the first time I smoked? The first time I ever encountered weed, I was 13. One of my friends got weed from an older brother, and was so excited to smoke it. So for some reason we went to MY house, my strict half-Indian half-Guatemalan no-substances-of-any-kind household on a half-day and we made a pipe out of a can. No one was home and we smoked out of the can pipe in my backyard, but I didn't really get high, I didn’t properly inhale I think.

Later when I was 15, I was outside of a show and there was a workshop going on outside. It was a female sexuality workshop. A friend walked up and handed me a joint and I didn’t even think about it and took a fat hit and I remember coughing and kind of interrupting the workshop. I remember looking up and thinking how beautiful everything was and how beautiful the sky was and I realized I was really high and it was a really good show.