Mixtape XXXIII: Zoner Jams

Written by BlackbirdGo November 12, 2018

This week's Mixtape was curated for your smoking pleasure by Liz Markie

Introduce yourself:

Heyo! My name is Liz Markie. I'm a Reno local working as part of the flock for over a year (kaw kaw). I like to ride my bike around and drink tall cans and smoke joints under bridges.

What is the name of your mixtape?

Zoner Jams

What was the inspiration in making your playlist?

I wanted to do something a little different, so I've compiled some heavier songs that you can zone out on. These are the kinda songs that are long and sometimes droning, but you somehow find yourself moving your head. I like to get high and clean my house to this shit.

Are you a creative person?

I would say, hell yeah.

What keeps you creative?

I have the most amazing and creative people surrounding me, not only this company, but in this community. This culture we've created within our small city is nothing short of amazing. It's so full of creative souls and people who can't stop, won't stop. I'm driven by those around me to never stop creating.

What keeps you moving?

I don't own a car, so technically, my legs. I ride my bicycle everywhere. Not just out of necessity, but for fun as well. Also, I love a straight sativa. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.