Monday Mixtape: 420 Greenz Plz

Written by BlackbirdGo April 18, 2022

It's finally the week of 4.20, and our flock is already celebrating the greenest day of the year with a fresh mixtape "420 Greenz Plz."

This week's Mixtape "420 Greenz Plz" is a vibrant collection of kush classics and a couple of newer odes to the green lady herself--Mary Jane. Though there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of songs about weed, these handpicked, musical buds represent cannabis' long-term permeation of mainstream pop culture throughout time.

Weed is everywhere, friends. Federal legalization may be in the near future. Dispensaries are popping up like, well, weeds. The time for celebration is nigh! Grab your favorite cannabis products, kick back, and bask in the warm love and light of Mary Jane. Keep this mixtape bumping all day long while we keep it moving.

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