Monday Pride Mixtape: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Written by Haleigh Hoff June 14, 2021

This month we are celebrating Pride by having LGBTQ members of the Blackbird team contribute mixtapes honoring Pride in their own ways. Today's mixtape is curated by Brandon Shirey, Blackbird Support Specialist, from Reno, NV.

What does 'Pride' mean to you?

Pride has given me the ability to be myself without feeling any sense of shame or guilt! Pride also means community and living by example <3

Are you doing anything to celebrate Pride this year?

No Pride plans yet! Might sacrifice a few virgins, though...

What is the overall vibe of this mixtape?

The vibe for this mixtape is to inspire and love yourself <3

Who would be your dream blunt rotation (dead or alive)?

Dream blunt rotation would have to be Carrie Fisher, Divine and Diana Ross <3