Monday Mixtape: New Hotties

Written by BlackbirdGo September 13, 2021

Today's Monday Mixtape was provided by Ian Gates from Blackbird's Reno Operations team.

Introduce yourself!

Hey Guys, It's Ivan! I'm on the Reno Ops team dispatching the weekends. I've played music around Reno for the last 8 years. I'm stoked to share some of my favorites with ya!

What keeps you creative?

I'd say that my friends keep me creative. Seeing what they are up to and how they get out in the world.

What do you recommend listeners smoke when listening to this mix?

I'd say a Pinene forward sativa would go real well with these jams.

What's something you are excited about, right now?

I am so exited for The Offbeat festival the first weekend of October. Come hang out and discover some new bands!

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