Monday Mixtape: Pride 2021

Written by Haleigh Hoff June 7, 2021

This month we are celebrating Pride by having LGBTQ members of the Blackbird team contribute mixtapes honoring Pride in their own ways. Today's mixtape is curated by Eka Bajwa, Blackbird head of IT, from Reno, NV.

What does 'Pride' mean to you?

Pride means making the space to celebrate your most authentic self. As a Queer Non-binary person, it means to take up space and celebrate myself. Give thanks to our trans elders before us, and remembering that the first pride was a riot.

I believe it’s important for allies to our community to remember that it’s more than just about gay marriage. We want queer liberation, and for trans identifying people to be respected. We are all just trying to get by in this world, and this is always good reminder of how far we have come, but there is much work to be done still.

Are you doing anything to celebrate Pride this year?

Yes, I generally plan a nice BBQ party with my chosen family of queers. With Covid last year we had to postpone our regular traditions, so I’m really looking forward to having a nice lil' kick back with my fam.

What is the overall vibe of this mixtape?

The vibe is House music was made for, and by, the queers. I’ve compiled some of my favorite house, techno, and electronica tracks by DJ’s who identify as LGBTQIA+. House music’s origins are rooted in Chicago’s gay warehouse party scene, the term house came from warehouse. The most influential DJ at that time was Frankie Knuckles, who was an openly gay and black man.

Who would be your dream blunt rotation (dead or alive)?

Frankie Knuckles to be completely honest. I’d looooove to get the vibe on what house music was like back in the early days.