Monday Mixtape: Roots, Rock & Reggae

Written by Kilee Mendiola August 23, 2021

This week's Monday Mixtape was curated for your smoking pleasure by Will Tupou, a member of our client services team!

Introduce yourself!

Hi there! My name is Will Tupou and I am an employee here at Blackbird that loves to help, give advice and grow other cannabis business across the nation!

What keeps you creative?

One thing that keeps me creative is being out in nature. I love to hike, fish, camp, pretty much anything you can do outside helps me to stay in tune with myself and my artistic abilities.

What do you recommend listeners smoke when listening to this mixtape?

When listening to this playlist, I HIGHLY recommend you consume some of your favorite indica strains. My personal favorite is OG Kush and anything Blueberry along with a pack of Hi-Chews or Starbursts!

What's something you are excited about, right now?

When it comes to my passions... FISHING! That has been something that I fell in love with since the start of the pandemic. I made a ton of friends and met some interesting folks as well! If you want to fish with me, hit me up on Instagram: @_willtupou.

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