Monday Mixtape: Vibe Check

Written by Kilee Mendiola August 30, 2021

This week's Mixtape was curated by Liz from our Reno Operations team for your smoking pleasure.

Introduce yourself!

Hey, everyone I'm Liz. I'm a Scorpio sun and an Aires moon. I've been working for Blackbird for 4 years now and am currently the Operation Manager of our Reno location. In my spare time, I mostly like to stare lovingly into my dog's eyes. Sometimes you can catch me at the local watering hole enjoying a cocktail or out riding my bicycle with friends.

What keeps you creative?

My friends and my community. We have a great collection of creative humans who call Reno home. Live music is super important for me, so this pandemic has been rough, but hasn't it been rough on all of us?!

What do you recommend listeners smoke when listening to this mix?

Probably the dankest "nugs" within reach. I'm thinking that sticky icky indica your stash jar will do the job.

What’s something you are excited about, right now? 

Two of my best friends are getting married next week and I'm very excited for them!

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