Monday Pride Mixtape: A l’il bit gay

Written by BlackbirdGo June 28, 2021

This month we are celebrating Pride by having LGBTQ members of the Blackbird team contribute mixtapes honoring Pride in their own ways. Today's mixtape is curated by Cayla Maree, Blackbird Support Specialist, from Reno, NV.

What does 'Pride' mean to you?

When I think about Pride, a few words immediately come to mind: history, visibility, representation, strength, courage, reclamation...  the community that has always been, and will be. Learning the history behind Pride, the strength in that visibility and what that visibility has always meant to the community at large, the courage to not only make space but to take it as it's rightfully owed and deserved... and more importantly, the joy and celebration. So many of us have been robbed of joy, our spirits suppressed and our lives snuffed out entirely. I think Pride means a riot. It means a wake where the sad and happy tears flow into a blend. It's a brave heaven and hell and it's an awakening, coming into who you are and who you've always been and will remain. And, it means no fucking cops.

Are you doing anything to celebrate Pride this year?

I'm fully vaccinated and hoping to make it out to local Pride events safely this year!

What is the overall vibe of this mixtape?

I wanted a mix of bops that expresses a whole range of emotions. Some songs are obvious and rooted in their meanings, some of them are even classics done by LGBTQIA+ artists, a few are a play on subtext (which is always something we've had to do with media that doesn't represent who we are or how we feel.) I play it on shuffle and scream these songs off-key in my car.

Who would be your dream blunt rotation (dead or alive)?

I want to smoke with weirdos and nerd heroes. Give me Sir Ian McKellen, LeVar Burton, and Ursula K. Le Guin.