People we love: Essence Dispensaries

Written by BlackbirdGo November 16, 2020
The Industry

Nevada’s got it all – desert, mountains, casinos, and a few more, well, crazy things. But of all the great things Nevada has to offer, the expanding cannabis culture might just be our favorite for many obvious reasons. It is our home, after all. We’ve talked about a few of our friends already, and today, we are taking you back to Sin City to get to know Essence Dispensaries. They’re a fan favorite cannabis retailer in Southern Nevada, and if you didn’t know about them already, you’re about to. 

Essence isn’t just another fancy dispensary. In fact, they stand out pretty nicely in the cannabis world. They have four locations in Nevada and a few more in the works in California. They’ve been recognized as one of the top dispensaries by Leafly, High Times, and Business Insider. They take serious pride in their weed, working with only the top and most trusted cultivators in Nevada. Essence Dispensaries has over 50 different strains to choose from that range from straight flower to tinctures and everything in between. They love their customers, and they show it. Not only do they have memorable customer service, but they step it up even more with a sweet loyalty program. All of that comes together to give you the best boutique cannabis dispensary experience you deserve. 

Plus, we would be remiss to not give ourselves a plug, so of course, we have to mention that they can also deliver cannabis right to your door through our partnership. Essence is driven by giving you a great customer experience, whether it’s inside one of their sweet spaces or inside of your own sweet space. A.K.A. Kick back, relax, and answer the door when it arrives. Then light up, of course.

Essence Las Vegas Strip is in the perfect spot to keep the party going for you (or if you’re reading this in 2020, to bring the party to you as you safely socially distance). Essence Tropicana brings the same level of fun and delivers on those high expectations – get it? There are also locations in Henderson, South Durango, and South Rainbow. 

Anyway, let’s get down to the good stuff – the product. Like we mentioned earlier, they work with some fantastic cultivators and have a pretty extensive list of options for any kind of cannabis lover out there. And because we are who we are, we have to give you a few of our favorite products Essence Dispensaries has to offer. 

Cann’s Blood Orange Cardamom social tonic is exactly what you need to have a chill evening. Crack open one of these bad boys after a stressful day and its perfect balance of THC and CBD is everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s all-natural. All of that and absolutely no hangover? We truly cannot think of anything better. It comes in a pack of six, so they’re easy to share, but we also won’t blame you if you choose to hoard them all for yourself. 

Cookies’ Sour Cream is a pretty heavy-duty flower that may be a hybrid but would probably keep you down on the couch for a while. It’s got some weight to it, but it’ll help lift that stressful weight off your shoulders you have been walking around with during your stressful days. Hey, sour cream makes everything better. 

Rythm’s Tahoe Alien Energize Disposable Vape is super easy to pack away and bring on the chill at a moment’s notice. It’s got high-quality extracts and no additives. It’ll take you to another universe, taking over your body with a 60/40 indica dominance. It’s best not only for relaxation but also for pain relief and sleep problems. Leave the world behind, and get on out of your head. 

Essence’s awesome selection of cannabis products that you can go purchase or have delivered is an adventure you don’t want to miss out on. Find one of their weed dispensaries near you in Las Vegas or Henderson to explore what they have that fits into your wellness lifestyle. If you’re in Southern California, keep an ear open – Essence Dispensaries has some awesome stuff coming your way.