A Recreational Marijuana PSA For Nevada Customers

Written by BlackbirdGo June 30, 2017
The Industry

The road to recreational marijuana in Nevada has been long.

Nearly 17 years ago Question 9 was approved legalizing medical marijuana use in the Silver State. However, commercial sales of medical marijuana weren't permitted until June 12, 2013. During those in-between years recreational marijuana initiatives lost twice― in 2002 and 2006.

Activists persevered, consistently fighting against propagandists (like billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson who has not-so-subtly opposed all things marijuana everywhere). Finally, on November 7th, 2016 Nevadans voted yes on Question 2, legalizing recreational marijuana. We were ecstatic at Blackbird HQ. We still are.

Since then, we've developed our own point of sale software, made thousands of deliveries to medical marijuana patients across the state, hosted a killer block party and fought for our right to provide wholesale distribution to the recreational market.

Nevada's marijuana coming of age is here. Tomorrow we are privileged to be apart of the recreational roll out and the opportunity to serve recreational customers in this great state. It hasn't been easy, and we're sure it won't be anytime soon― but we're ready.

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Here are some quick notes to keep in mind:

1. Beginning July 1st anyone 21+ can sign up at www.blackbirdgo.com. All you need to do is enter your information and upload a photo of your valid government identification card. Once verified by Blackbird staff, you will be able to browse hundreds of products, select your favorites and place your order for pick-up or delivery from a dispensary near you.

2. Recreational customer deliveries will be limited to Las Vegas and Reno for the time being. You will not be able to receive a delivery in areas not yet approved for recreational sales (Henderson, Sparks, Carson City, etcetera).

3. Due to the high volume of recreational customers expected, Blackbird cannot guarantee deliveries will happen in our standard 2 hour window. All deliveries will be completed within 4 hours and will receive a text message 15 minutes prior to driver arrival. We appreciate your patience during these exciting times.

4. All marijuana purchases in dispensaries or through Blackbird are cash only. Make sure to keep this in mind when planning to visit your local marijuana establishment or place an order through Blackbird.

5. Customers may not use or consumer marijuana products in public. Doing so can get you a $600 fine― and fines suck.

6. Blackbird cannot deliver to casinos or any establishments where gaiming is present. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Additional questions? Email us at info@blackbirdgo.com!

-The Blackbird Team