Review: High Times’ Best Sativa Flower

Written by BlackbirdGo November 21, 2017
The Product

What: Strawberry Lemonade Flower

Who: Cannabiotix

THC: 24.460
CBD: 0.013
Limonene: 11.4
Linalool: 2.7
B-Caryophyllene: 5.5

Cannabiotix prize Sativa strain and winner of the 2016 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa flower, Strawberry Lemonade, is a Las Vegas favorite held in particularly high regard amongst Sativa lovers such as myself. With thick coating of trichomes covering dense nugs that break down perfectly and burn white ash each and every time, as Cannabiotix proudly guarantees, this strain is a perfect example of what premium cannabis should look like.

The only thing better about this flower from its bag appeal is it’s scent. Once you open the jar you are greeted with an all out olfactory assault with an overwhelming citric-sweet scent that stays true to it’s name: it really smells like a glass of cold strawberry lemonade! Subdued pineapple notes round out the profile for a mild tropical finish.

A genuine smooth hitter that releases a tidal wave of sweet strawberry at first with a lighter but surprising citric sourness as a welcome finish , puffing a joint of this top shelf selection is in and of itself an exercise in relaxation as intense waves of flavor trigger an increasingly deeper state of euphoria.

A textbook example of a “functional Sativa” this strain is refreshingly uplifting in its effects, which are both energetic and clear-headed, fueling creativity without inhibiting focus to a significant degree. Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect way to start the day and end anxiety!