Review: State Flower’s Indica Grandaddy Purple

Written by BlackbirdGo January 18, 2018
The Product

These purps got the terps! Learning respect for one's elders has never been more delightful than experiencing the stony wisdom of Granddaddy Purple. A much celebrated Cali strain born of Purple Urkel and Big Bud, GDP has long been hailed for its even keeled effects and high potency.

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GDP flower is famous for its plump buds bursting with deep violet calyxes, intertwined with a frosted dark green, enough to entice any lover of the Purple lineage at first glance. Once the bag is opened, smokers are drawn in further with an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance that lies somewhere between grape and berry with a minty-pine freshness to level it all out.

GDP produces a thick, smooth smoke with a rich sweetness that tingles the tongue as well as the senses. Although I am an avowed joint smoker, I must admit this strain's powerful taste makes it a perfect candidate for a well rolled blunt.

An excellent representation of an evening time strain with high rates of B-myrcene and B-caryophyllene, creating a heavily sedative euphoria that comes on mellow but digs in deep, effectively relieving the body of pain and the mind of stress and lasting well into a good nights sleep.

Pair your GDP smoke with 'Purple Potion' produced by Reno maven + resident cool girl: DJ Peachsprite aka Fleur Babe aka Golden Girlfriend.