Review: Ride the Blue Maui Wave

Written by BlackbirdGo December 22, 2017
The Product

What: Blue Maui Flower

Who: Polaris

THC: 22.7 mg/g
CBD: 0.07mg/g
CBGA: 0.2 mg/g
B-myrcene: 30.5 mg/g
Pinene: 13.1 mg/g
Caryophyllene: 6.7 mg/g

If winter has you longing for a tropical vacation away from the bitter cold of the mainland, Blue Maui offers the same feeling of escape without the hassles of flying! The result of the skilled cultivators at Polaris crossing Hawaii’s legendary Maui Wowie with classic crowd pleaser Blue Dream — this strain is a sativa lover's dream come true.

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Fat, spear shaped buds coated with a heavy layer of trichomes glisten over the pale green foliage and cream orange pistils. While it’s almost a shame to break such beautiful buds down -- the reward is an intense waft of sweet-tinged floral funk. Strong, tell tale berry notes from Blue Dream are the most prominent flavors with a playful hints of haze and a slight tropical fruit undertone.

Those dominant berry notes translate smoothly to sweet smoke that at first recalls fresh baked blueberry muffins and slowly fades into a sugary inflected earthiness. Both of which create a unique flavor profile that lives up to it’s parent strains considerable legacies.

The effects are a sativa bliss, producing an uplifting, spacey euphoria that dissolves anxiety with each pleasurable puff. With a whopping 30.5 mg of Myrcene, this strain also packs a painkilling wallop presenting a much sought after unity of cerebral stimulation and physical relief, it’s the perfect combination for everything, from stimulating appetite to inducing sleep.

Garrett Dillon is a Las Vegas based writer, poet and cannabis transportation dispatcher. When not doing any of those awesome things — his interests include Doom Metal, bubble hash and drug law reform.