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Written by Haleigh Hoff November 2, 2020
The Industry

Even though cannabis has only been legally around for a few years now, there is still an insane amount of brands and dispensaries to choose from, especially in Nevada where both recreational and medicinal cannabis use is legal. Despite the growing number of options, finding a dispensary that is affordable and accessible that offers the absolute best of everything weed-related can still be a challenge in the Silver State. Well, RISE Dispensary rises to the occasion (sorry, we couldn’t let that one pass us by – it was just too easy). 

RISE is chock full of professionals that take the cannabis industry super seriously, but in the best way you could imagine. Their cultivation process is data-driven, ensuring that each product you buy is exactly what you need, from the root to your hands. Their goal is to make sure you leave the dispensary happier – and not just on a “high” happy...though that’ll probably happen, too. 

RISE Dispensary has several locations across the country, but the ones closest to our hearts are right here, closest to home. RISE Nevada has storefronts in Spanish Springs and Carson City, spreading the wealth and wellness for those of us in Northern Nevada. Each of these dispensaries has an impressive and carefully curated selection that offers something for the beginners to the seasoned canna-sseur.  

RISE Cannabis 

Desert Grown Farms’ Blue Frost – Grown and cultivated right in Las Vegas, this is a funky flower that’s a little earthy, a little fruity, and a little cheesy. It’ll leave you feeling light and euphoric, perfect for those of us who need a little 2020 pick-me-up or just a good ol’ high time. 

Rythm’s Bruce Banner Energize Cartridge – Channel your inner-Hulk with a strain that comes on strong but settles into a more gentler head & body buzz that might last a little while. Feel free to pop on a Marvel movie while you’re at it. 

Desert Grown Farms’ Strawberry Cough x Slimer – Get a little fruity with a strain that tastes like strawberries & citrus. This sativa will leave you feeling both lighthearted and relaxed, which we all need more of these days, anyway. 

The Juice Co.’s XJ-13 Disposable Vape  – A sweet sativa that’ll make your day and mood feel even sweeter. It’s perfect for beginners and regular vapers alike, making sure you stay level-headed and happy for the entire duration of your high. 

EPC 1000MG CBD Tincture – It’s not just all hype. Get in on the CBD action with a tincture where you can take it directly dropped in your mouth or added to a cup of tea or coffee. You’ll experience your stress and anxiety just melt right away. 

RISE to the Deals 

Their Spanish Springs Dispensary is located right on Pyramid Highway, making for easy access, and their Carson City location is on Clearview Drive – a nice quick skip off 395. RISE Spanish Springs and RISE Carson City both offer curbside and home delivery (@ us). Each location also offers sweet bundle deals every single day, including select quarters for $45 or 5 for $35 on special shelf pre-rolls, just to name a couple! Regardless of what kind of cannabis product you’re looking for, you’ll walk away with something high quality at a respectable price. 

RISE Weed Delivery 

As you may have noticed us mention before, RISE Nevada Dispensaries offer delivery through your’s truly. While they do require a $50 minimum for a cannabis delivery order, you can skip the lines and the social distancing (but keep the mask) and shop comfortably from your couch. Then we'll bring the cannabis to you. It’s a win-win, like DoorDash -- but less dash and more hash.

Now go ahead. Take a look to find everything you need to raise your wellness or social life a couple of levels. If you’re not anywhere close to a RISE Dispensary location, take a look at all of the other places you can get some green delivered right to you. 

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