Sex, Magic & Weed

Written by Manila Hoang February 12, 2022
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Sex and weed isn’t a new concept. Years after the release of the film Reefer Madness the quintessential anti-weed campaign, the youth of the sixties were less concerned with societal pressures which sparked a cultural wave of peace and love... and sex. So of course weed played a major role in releasing inhibitions.

Cannabis offers many benefits if you’re looking to elevate your sexual experience with your partner. With agreement and responsibility, sex can be more enjoyable in more ways than you may have initially thought. 

Getting high and having sex sounds great, but is it possible that one could be too high to consent?

It’s common to hear about sexual assault if alcohol or some other hard drug is involved, and there is no doubt that weed can alter your state of mind. “There's no current evidence showing cannabis by itself is being used as a date rape drug,” says Sophie Saint Thomas for Vice

Consent can be blurred due to the nature of consumption. The most crucial factor is when a person becomes too impaired to the point of helplessness — that’s when the boundary is crossed. Regardless of which substance is being consumed, all parties should have knowledge of the substance present and how much is being used. 

Saying “yes” to one thing may not mean “yes” to another. 

We must focus on the consistent communication between partners so that sex stays fun and pleasurable. Open discussion will ensure that no one will feel uncomfortable at any time during intercourse. Checking in with a partner before, during and after sex is key. 

Once all parties agree to use cannabis, they should be informed and well-aware of its effects. It’s also important to know how much product to use so that you’re not incompacitated in any way. Whether you choose to have a smoke session before sex or if you decide to use THC or CBD lube, start with a smaller amount and build up if need be. 

Cannabis for sex comes in many varieties like:

  • Massage oils
  • Personal lubricants
  • Edibles 
  • Oral sprays

If you know your partner receives random drug tests for work, you should inform them. If they ingest any THC lube while going down on you, it may come up during a screening. Yes, there’s much to think about. But, we want to aim for a fun and positive experience for everyone.

There could many reasons why someone would want to have weed during sex. Unlike alcohol, cannabis can enhance sensations or even possibly ease any pain or irritation when it comes to doing the deed. Decreasing anxiety around sex is another reason why people want to try weed in the bedroom. For example if you want to feel more relaxed, trying a product with CBD may calm your body and mind. 

Alex Capano Chief Science Officer of Ananda Hemp says that there are cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue in which CBD will increase blood flow. Those who suffer from endometriosis and muscle spasms would experience more relaxation and pleasure from a CBD product as well. More focus toward intimacy and less on pain is a win-win for everyone involved. 

It’s been said that straight women in particular are having significantly less orgasms amongst everyone else. It’s possible that chronic conditions and trauma contribute to this along with other factors that can decrease the occurrence of orgasms. But not to worry, weed can help you to reach for the orgasm you deserve. 

Dr. Becky Kaufman Lynn surveyed 133 adult women and their experiences with weed and sex during their annual checkup. 

She found that 29% of the women said they used weed prior to sex and 68% believe that it made their sexual experience more pleasurable. In addition, Dr. Kaufman Lynn revealed that 62% of the women experienced increased libidos and intensified orgasms. 

…and women aren’t the only ones that could benefit from cannabis.

“According to a study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, erectile dysfunction currently affects 1 in 4 men under the age of 40 that are seeking treatment for this condition, and it’s possible that CBD may increase male arousal just at it improves libido in females,” says Melaka Gurganus from Remedy Review

Whether you choose to use weed to ease pain, reduce anxiety or just to simply get hornier, the cannabis landscape allows for a customized and unique experience for intercourse. 

Now that we’ve gone over the basics and benefits of cannabis for sex, adding something spicy to your bedroom repertoire could mean an out of body experience you never thought you could have.

With the amount of new products on the market, deciding which one to try depends on what your needs are. Here is a list of products we’ve combined to set the mood.

Disclaimer: If you use condoms as a means of birth control, be aware that oil-based lubes may damage a latex condom during sex. It would be best to stick with water-based lubricants, edibles and oral sprays if this is the case. 

  • A brand called “1906” has an array of quick-releasing “drops” in the form of an edible. Love Drops is meant for increased arousal for all genders. Each pill-sized drop has 2.5 milligrams of CBD and THC paired with ingredients like ashwagandha to increase libido. The drops are meant to be swallowed, not chewed. Because this comes in a low-dosage, this product is great for novices. 
  • Foria’s intimacy oil is being raved on major sites like Glamour and Paper Magazine. It’s cannabis and coconut oil-based lube delivers a warm and intense feeling, heightening sensations in the pelvic area. 
  • If vape pens are more your style, Dosist has a formula called Arouse that perfectly measures a release of 2.5 milligram dose of 10:1 THC to CBD at three seconds of inhalation. Good for stimulation, focus, and mood elevation. 
  • The flower of choice for heightened sensitivity to touch would be AC/DC which will give you a synergistic effect because of the balance of THC and CBD. This strain can be found, ordered and delivered by