Smokeless Cannabis Alternatives I recommend during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Haleigh Hoff May 1, 2020
The Product

COVID-19 has taken over the globe and as the pandemic grows, so does my desire to tune out and escape. I imagine some of you reading this are like me, and enjoy using cannabis as means of departure from the stress of your day and the current state of the world. Maybe, like me, you are worried about smoking in a time when the global pandemic we are experiencing is directly attacking the lungs. As someone with asthma and anxiety, you could say that my worry has been considerable.

Cannabis helps calm my mind and lift my spirits at the end of the day, and it’s a routine that I now look forward to. These days, I can’t relax knowing that I might be putting unnecessary stress on my lungs by choosing to smoke. What if I were to contract the virus? My chest feels tight, is that the virus or is that because I smoked weed last night? My mind spins and it spins. 

I know that smoking cannabis isn’t considered a dangerous carcinogen, but smoking any kind of plant matter, including cannabis, can irritate the throat and lungs. This may lead to a persistent cough, phlegm, and difficulty breathing; all of which feel more frightening in the days of the pandemic. So though my preferred way to imbibe is to enjoy the process of grinding, rolling and smoking my own joints, I’ve vowed to put my lung safety first and get creative with how I consume cannabis during this time. To anyone else with a pre-existing lung condition and/or a high-level of anxiety, I write these smokeless cannabis product recommendations for you.

Prior to the days of the pandemic, I only ever dabbled in edibles when I was ready to send myself to the moon. I never knew how to properly dose myself and I didn’t particularly enjoy the waiting period between consuming and feeling the effects. I hadn’t tried any THC tinctures, and drinkable cannabis was as foreign to me as it is to my grandparents. But with experience comes knowledge and I now have a rhythm with some new products that will continue to stay in my repertoire long after the days of COVID-19.

#1 - Sol Peach Cream Soda Blue Dream Strain Specific Gummies 

First of all, these gummies will knock you off your chair at your first hint of the flavor. I was skeptical at first (Peach AND Cream Soda?!) but within a half second of them hitting my tongue, I was sold. They are delicious! If you are someone who appreciates the design and aesthetics of products, you’ll enjoy these gummies for their hockey-puck shape and uniquely soft chew. The greatest thing about these gummies is that they are strain specific, so you know exactly what you are getting, in this case it was the popular hybrid strain, Blue Dream. Each gummy is 10mg, so I started with a half dose to test the waters (a lesson I have learned to be helpful for me to ease into any new product), and it was perfect. I felt light and silly, my body felt relaxed, and I was still able to focus on the card game I was playing with my partner. 

#2 - Just Edibles Hybrid Sour Belt Gummies

Just Edibles Sour Belts taste just like normal sour belts and are packed with a medium dose of THC, making them good for any consumer. At 5mg per belt, one is the perfect amount for me, but for some friends of mine with higher tolerance than me, they enjoy snacking on two or three of these as if they are plain ol’ candy. 

#3 - Two Roots - Tropical Infamy Wheat Cannabier

Two Roots Cannabier is my new obsession. The Tropical Infamy Wheat Cannabier makes for the perfect match for spring afternoons and evenings. I enjoy sipping one in the early evening as I cook dinner or while I work on my puzzle (my new quarantine hobby). Though these cannabiers go down like a well-brewed craft hefeweizen filled with hops and flavors of a true beer, they are actually non-alcoholic. Perfect for beginners, Two Roots Brewery has taken their years of knowledge from brewing alcoholic craft beers and incorporated cannabis to offer consumers a responsibly formulated microdosed beverage that emulates the rapid onset of alcohol without the negative side effects like hangovers or killed brain cells. 

#4 - City Trees - Blue Agave 1:1 Tincture

This tincture by City Trees is so delicious it might replace honey and sugar in my day-to-day life. Just like normal agave nectar, this tincture is thick and sweet and a great addition to coffee, tea, oatmeal, fruit, smoothies, cocktails or dropping some directly onto your tongue. The 1:1 CBD to THC ratio makes it a mellow high that you feel all throughout your body. As for dosing, I started out small with a quarter dropper in my coffee for a mellow day-time buzz, and worked my way up to a full dropper straight to the tongue when I was ready to feel it stronger. Typically I feel the effects of the tincture within 1 - 1.5 hours of consumption. 

#5 - Binske Hazelnut Chocolate

For all you chocolate lovers, this one is an easy pick. Delicious hazelnut milk chocolate bar that gets you high, too? Done. Each time I’ve eaten some of this chocolate I have audibly exclaimed my frustration for not being able to finish eating the whole chocolate, because it’s so dang good. The whole bar is 100mg THC and it’s divided up into 10 squares making each square ~10mg. I start out with a half square and if I’m wanting more I wait about an hour and a half and then have some more. Trust me, it is hard to not eat the entire bar. 

These smokeless alternatives have introduced me to an entirely cannabis experience and I’ve enjoyed each exploration and adventure so much that I have no intention of going back to strictly smoking to get high. I look forward to expanding my stash and trying more products in the future. What are your smokeless alternatives? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter, we would love to hear!